Published On : Wed, Apr 6th, 2016

RTE not for poor anymore in Nagpur as higher income groups claiming benefits

Nagpur: Till now we have heard that the schools of repute in Nagpur are reluctant to implement Right to Education which ensures free education to the underprivileged and economically weaker sections, but a new thread to this trend has opened up Pandora’s box over this provision.

It is learnt that the 25 per cent quota for RTE is blatantly being misused by the higher income groups while the financially weaker sections are being sidelined.

As per the provision, the children whose parents’ annual income is less than one lakh are eligible to apply for admissions under RTE.

It has come to fore that applicants whose annual income is much than one lakh are also preparing to apply for admissions for their children under RTE process. These include government officials, businessmen and other well-to-do people. The office of the RTE action committee is visited by many of such parents for inquiry of RTE admission process.

The government implemented the RTE process from 2009 so that children from weaker sections of the society can get quality education. Under RTE process 25 per cent quota is reserved in the private and prominent schools for the admissions of children from weaker sections of the society. The admission through RTE process in Nagpur is delayed this year due to some technical problems. And the parents are waiting forthe process to start so that they can apply for the same.

However, it has come to fore that this year central schools in Nagpur gave admissions to children of Central government employees under RTE process. These include 8 admissions in the Ajni branch of Central school and 9 admissions in Air force branch. The parents of all these children are central government employees. The RTE action committee has demanded the district collector to take action in this concern.

Fake Income Certificate
Many well-to-do parents are visiting RTE action committee office for RTE admissions inquiry. In one such case a very well-to-do lady came to the office in a car for RTE admission inquiry.

During the counselling the lady informed that her husband is employed with a bank. And thier annual income was more than the required conditions. However, when this was brought to her notice, lady replied that she will attach income certificate less than one lakh and went away. The office is witnessing many such inquiries from well-to-do parents regarding RTE .

Many of the applicants are preparing income certificate less than their actual income. Due to which many of the real stakeholders are left behind in getting admissions under RTE quota.

President of RTE action committee Shahid Sharif informed that many of the well to do parents in guise of fake income certificate are applying for admissions under RTE. He emphasized on connecting all the Anganwadis of Women&Child welfare department with RTE. This will stop the bogus admissions and will give justice to the weaker sections, Sharif said.