Published On : Tue, Nov 3rd, 2015

RSS focus on social equality, population control


The 3-day meeting of Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal of RSS that concluded on Sunday (October 1) deliberated at length various social issues and also stressed on expanding and spreading its activities in certain specific areas. The Publicity Wing of the RSS, in a meeting held at Nagpur on Tuesday, apprised the functionaries about the ‘Manthan’ (deliberations) held at the Ranchi meeting.

Addressing a press conference in the city, the Karyavahak of Vidarbha Prant Deepak Tamshettiwar said that this year, the number of Shakhas has increased by 6684 as compared to last year. During the last year, a total of 31,408 Shakhas were being organized. The figure has now reached to 50,452 Shakhas this year. Apart from increase in Shakhas, the year is marked by increase in Sangh Mandals and weekly meetings in large numbers. Under the join RSS campaign, the organization has worked for bringing disappointed youths in its fold. Similarly, the RSS has successfully brought a large number of school and college students under its fold. The RSS has now taken its reach to IT and other professionals with great efforts, asserted Tamshettiwar.

Ranchi ‘Manthan’ paved way for focus on social equality:

The Ranchi meeting focused on working towards social equality and social empowerment. Efforts will be made for uniting the communities against religious extremism. Campaigns and mass awareness will be undertaken across the country. As part of the programme, a campaign for social equality will be run in Nagpur from November 3 to 30 in which volunteers would reach people and strive for unity among different communities.

Review of population policy:

The RSS, despite stiff opposition from various quarters, has stuck to its stand over review of population policy to check in the “imbalance” of population growth. In this respect, a resolution was passed in the Ranchi meeting. According to RSS opinion, the issue needs to be debated across the country. The measures taken for controlling the population growth have failed. Control over population is necessary.  With the recent census figures (2011) recording a community’s population count at over 17 crore,  it showed an imbalance in the growth of population. This is cause of concern. The infiltration from bordering countries is also responsible for imbalance of population growth. The coming days are likely to witness decline in various resources. Therefore, an effective policy is need of the hour for controlling the population growth. In the Vijayadashmi address, the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had raised his concern over the issue. Bhagwat had said that facts and figures of the last two census reports and the imbalances that had come to notice as a result were being widely discussed.