Published On : Sat, Dec 8th, 2018

RPF men not to blow horns as a social msg

Nagpur: From enforcement of law to enforcement of social order, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) took up a new avatar on Friday. The cops have decided not to use horns to spread the ‘no-honking’ message.

RPF personnel, under senior divisional security commissioner Jyoti Kumar Satija, stood with ‘no-honking’ placards on the zebra crossing at Samvidhan Chowk urging motorists not to use the horn unnecessarily, especially at signals while waiting for them to turn green.The group withdrew to the traffic island when the signal turned green.Satija said the campaign has been launched in collaboration with city traffic police.

“We believe in setting an example before preaching. We have instructed the personnel to honk only in an emergency,” he said, adding that honking is one of the “most common form of noise pollution”.

The railway police officer also said the campaign will expand to include disciplined walking on foot-over-bridges, following the queue system and waiting for one’s turn to board and alight from trains. “We are inculcating a sense of social discipline among train commuters and others.

The decision to take RPF out on the road was to make aware citizens of our force and enhance the image,” said Satija, adding that the campaign would be taken to schools and colleges too. Later in the day, RPF moved the campaign to Jaisthamb Chowk and the railway station.