Published On : Tue, Aug 13th, 2019

Round Table appeals for aid for the Assam and Bihar flood hit

Nagpur: It is only when people are in distress that they need help. It is the help which we give during crisis and calamity that finally counts as charity. Genuine love for fellow human beings and taking care of them during crisis is only regarded as philanthropy.

Heavy Rainfall in the entire Himalayan region has triggered floods in Assam and Bihar. The North-eastern state has been worst hit. So many hundreds have died in the last four days and nearly 57 lakhs people have been affected in more than 4157 villages. The rail-link to northeastern India from the rest of the country has been severed. Water levels in the Brahmaputra and several other rivers are still rising affecting train and transport services adversely. National Highway 37 is flooded cutting off upper Assam from the rest of the state. Over 80% of Assam’s Kaziranga National Park, home to one horned rhinos in India has been flooded.

The condition of Bihar is grave too. More than 90 to 150 have died. 69-70 lakh have been affected by floods. 12 Districts have been submerged.

Round Table India Area-14 have initiated relief efforts at ground zero. They are in the process of procuring mosquito nets, mosquito repellants, torch lights, biscuits, baby food, soaps, candles, etc. which are the immediate requirements.

As this is a big catastrophe, more resources are required to meet the needs on the ground. Therefore the senior Office-bearers of the Round Table India appeal to all the Tablers and Tables to kindly contribute to this cause and extend a hand of support.

The following are the details
Name of Account: Round Table India Trust. / Type of Account: Savings Bank
Account Number: 412302010102611 /Name of the Bank: Union Bank of India
Branch: Nungambakkam Branch, City: Chennai / IFSC Code: UBINO541231
Pan No: AAATR3259E