Published On : Thu, Oct 25th, 2012

Roopam: The only name during the festive season

When we talk about the festive season and all those things we have to do and buy, it definitely brings about a feeling of excitement, fun and most of all a sense of unity.  The festive season gather all family members into the mood of enjoyment and thus it creates unity among families. So festive season without shopping would be like a candle without fire.


There are always clashes among people as to what to buy, from where to buy and how much to buy but how much to buy would never be answered. This festive season like always will be the same and shopping does make life difficult for people but here we step in and try to make things simple for the people of Nagpur. Thinking where to shop? Finish reading this article and the answer will be already ready.


The place that we will be mentioning today started way back but has never lost its charm nor name in the hearts and minds of the Nagpurians.  Roopam the place where you name the item and it will be presented to you. The shop opened a long time back but still today the charms stands

Roopam is one such brand that also reflects the quality and service they provide but as we Nagpurians are more aware of the name. This particular name has been doing the rounds for many years right from my schooldays. Over the years their brand value and image has grown considerably and moreover their quality of service has also doubled. So with the festive season so near if brings a question in every house as to where is the best place to shop and where will we get what is termed as the best.

We had a sneak peak into their exclusive store at Shriram Towers and what followed next was a complete treat into the world of fabric and clothing.

They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so be it…  Roopam from my eyes ….

The shop had varieties from Sarees to Lachas then from dress material to Kurtis and many more. Here is a look into the exclusive collection of festive clothes.

Chiffon Saree

The first look at the shop brought me to this wonderful mannequin that was draped in a yellow Chiffon Saree.  The price range for this particular beauty starts at Rs 10,000 onwards. This is a pure Chiffon saree as told to us by Mr Sashi the owner of the store. This item falls into the Standard range.

Chiffon Saree


Chiffon Saree



Weaving Silk Jute Saree.                           

The next Saree that drew our attention was a red and black Saree that had a Weaving silk jute fabric and was priced at 4000 onwards. This particular Saree falls into the economic range and is available in mainly bright colors.

weaving jute silk




Weaving jute silk



The exclusive range: Designer Saree (Geogrek fabric)

This particular Saree made out of Geogrek Fabric falls into the exclusive range and are normally termed as Designer collection and the price range of this particular collection starts from 15,000 onwards. Again the order of the festive season is normally bright tones of colors.

Designer saree(Geogrek fabric)


Moving around we came across a beautiful white and green Lacha and when asked the price range, it happened to start from 12,000 onwards.

White and Green Lacha


The same type of dress but in an exclusive range would start from 20,000 onwards as shown below in the image.

Exclusive Wedding Range

The next item in the dress category were the kurtis and we came across 2 different set of kurtis .

The first was a mix and match type of kurti where one would be able to wear anything as it would go on any type of bottoms.

It’s called the Mix N Match Kurti.

The price range for this item is prices between Rs 2000-3000.

Mix ‘N’ Match Kurti


Yellow Long Kurti.

The price range is the same as mentioned above.

Yellow Long Kurti


 The next category that we set foot on was the dress material section and it really gave us quite a bit of surprises.

Dress Material

Silk Material.

The first category we checked was the exclusive range. Silk dress material that had a beautiful shine of pinkish orange made it a very interesting choice as bright colors is the flavor for the season. The price range starts from 10,000 onwards and thus it proves why the range has been set up.

Exclusive range made out of silk


The next look was the Standard category.

Hand Crochet Material.

A white and pinkish material that gave a visual treat to the eyes. The price range for this material was priceed at Rs 5000 onwards.

Hand Crochet Material





 Cotton Material

The last range was the Economic range.

This range normally has a lot of varieties but one in particular that stands out is their cotton collection that is priced at Rs 2000 onwards and comes with a blend of various bright colors.

Cotton Material




This brings us to the end of the range of clothes available at the store and it will definitely throw in more surprises but at the end it is a place where all you shopping woes will finally get over.

just a small teaser at the very end as the shops also has some beautiful range on purses and bags that can go very well with the dresses available

Happy shopping.


By Marcelo Azavedo.