Published On : Thu, Oct 17th, 2019

Rokde Jewellers dazzles with Karwa Chauth celebration and bright new collection

Rokde Jewellers as always has never left behind in surprising the Nagpurkars. As every year Karwa Chauth has been celebrated at Rokde Jewellers Laxmi Nagar Branch with zeal. The beautiful ladies were dressed in Solha Shringar the traditional Indian get-up from all cultures. Rokde Jewellers has awarded these ladies for Best Hair, Best Dress and Best Pooja Thali.

It was very difficult to judge these ladies as all of them were better Karwa Chauth is an occasion which has been inspiring Indian women for years and has been an emotional nucleus for many marriages. In the present day, the concept and form of this festival have taken a great change. When this ritual of celebrating Karwa Chauth started, the wife was dependent on the husband and this was one way of showing love and expressing gratitude. But today, in most cases, the wife is working and is no longer financially dependent on the husband.

Karva Chauth Day falls on the 4th day of the Kartik month every year. On this day it is customary for the wife to fast the whole day. She does not drink water either. She paints her hands and feet with henna, dresses generally in red apparel and on her hair parting she smears vermilion powder. All the above is the ‘Shringar’ of a bride.
If we see the popularity of this festival, we see the prominence of the North and North-Western regions of our country. A huge chunk of the male population of these regions were the soldiers of the Indian Army and officials of the Military Forces and for the safety of these people, women of these regions started fasting.

These armed forces, policemen, soldiers, and military personnel protected the country from enemies and the women used to pray to God for the longevity of their men. The time of this festival coincides with the initiation of the Rabi cropping season which is the wheat sowing season in these aforementioned areas. The women of the families fill the earthen pot or Karwa with wheat grains and offer to God praying for a great Rabi season.

Rokde Jewellers finds a way to bring two loving hearts together and reminding each other that marriages are made in heaven but hearts beat on earth.

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