Published On : Tue, Jan 14th, 2020

Rising poet in town

We all are somewhere enticed by poems? The intricacies of this form of writing has always left us fascinated.

With social media reigning the trade of expression, Sanskar Mishra is up to poetic mischief. When asked about his debut “Rise & Fall of temptations” he says It is not a perspective of the world. It is not a commercial objective. This book is not vengeful. It is the honest work.

This book is an entity, it is a therapist that laughs at lifeand celebrates sorrow, it is the message in the glass bottle left somewhere amongst the waves for someone unknown.

He added “Don’t read this book simply in search of good poems, read this book only if you want to feel what a poet has felt but never confided into anyone or anywhere except in this book.

As the title, this compilation is cleverly put together that you often need to read it two or three times just to catch every detail.

Its makes an interesting pick and is the perfect solace for people interested in reading more poetry and thinking in a new way! Connect with him today (Ig-@crimsans) buy your copy and understand the misunderstood

By Farhan Kazi