Published On : Wed, Oct 23rd, 2019

Report: Nagpur slowest and Chennai has fastest wireline broadband

Mumbai tops in mobile internet speeds

In a report by Ookla, Mean fixed broadband download speeds in India rose by 16.5 per cent during last two quarters Chennai and Mumbai have the fastest mean fixed broadband and mobile download speeds respectively, according to a new report by Ookla, the company which owns Speedtest.

On comparing the fixed and mobile download speeds in the 15 largest cities in India, the reports shows Chennai had by far the fastest mean download speed over fixed broadband (51.07 Mbps), followed by Bengaluru (42.50 Mbps) and Hyderabad (41.68 Mbps). The slowest download speeds were measured in Nagpur (20.10 Mbps), followed by Pune (22.78 Mbps) and Kanpur (23.20 Mbps).

Mobile download speeds

Mobile download speeds, which include all cellular technologies, showed somewhat less variation from city to city. This includes Mumbai (11.87 Mbps), Indore (11.80 Mbps), Visakhapatnam (11.74 Mbps), Hyderabad (11.48) and Kolkata (11.46 Mbps) had the fastest mobile download speeds. The slowest mean download speed measured in Lucknow (8.94 Mbps).

Overall, mobile download speeds were relatively flat in India, fluctuating between 10.63 Mbps and 11.18 Mbps during April-September 2019.

Mean fixed broadband

Mean fixed broadband download speeds in India rose by 16.5 per cent during last two quarters

India is the leader in mean fixed broadband download speed amongst other neighboring countries with Bangladesh at 24.02 Mbps and Pakistan, with flat speeds between 8.54 and 9.14 Mbps. The report highlights that with Reliance Jio’s rollout of its new GigaFiber service in India in early September, the fixed broadband speeds will continue to increase country-wide.

4G availability

As per the findings of the report, 4G availability continues to improve in India. India’s 4G Availability was relatively high at 87.9% across providers during Q2-Q3 2019. For comparison, 4G Availability was 58.9% in Pakistan and 58.7% in Bangladesh during the same period.

Ookla compared coverage data for over 231,274,713 samples from Speedtest® Android users across Indian mobile operators in Q2-Q3 2019 to benchmark India’s 4G Availability against other markets in the region.

The report is a result of performance data from over 21 million consumer-initiated tests taken with Speedtest and coverage data from over 2.5 billion coverage scans on 2.4 million devices during Q2-Q3 2019.