Published On : Wed, May 5th, 2021

“Relying on PMO is useless”: Subramanian Swamy wants ‘conduct of this war’ delegated to Nitin Gadkari; says Harsh Vardhan will ‘bloom’

BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has said that the Prime Minister’s Office was useless in the current pandemic as he urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to assign his cabinet colleague Nitin Gadkari the responsibility to manage the current pandemic. According to Swamy, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan was a polite man and he wasn’t allowed to operate freely.

Swamy wrote, “India will survive Coronavirus Pandemic as it did Islamic invaders and British Imperialists. We could face one more wave that targets children unless strict precautions now are taken. Modi should therefore delegate the conduct of this war to Gadkari. Relying on PMO is useless.”

When a user suggested that the health minister should be sacked for his inept handling of the pandemic, Swamy disagreed as he wrote, “No No. Harsh Vardhan has not been allowed free hand. But he is too polite to assert his authority. With Gadkari he will bloom.”

Swamy also clarified that his criticism was for the PMO, which ‘is a department not the Prime Minister himself.’

The current pandemic has wreaked havoc across India with tens of thousands of people losing their lives. The central government has come under heavy criticism for its poor handling of the national crisis.