Published On : Thu, Dec 27th, 2012

Rejected by a girl? read below and rise again!



After being rejected by a girl, there are two directions: either you continue wooing the same girl, or you get over her even if you are emotionally involved with her. But before you take any of the ways, I need you to understand a simple thing: Not any girl in this world just says a yes to your proposal; secondly, Always remember: A girl doesn’t have a clue what she wants, which is why players easily turn the No into a yes.


So the supreme thing you need to understand is Game; what is your strategy? What is your cover strategy if she rejects you? Most guys don’t think that far, they just play with the opportunities different times provide them.

What you need to do in order to woo her?

Step I – You become friends (obviously)

You study what she wants, the kind of guy she desires. There are two ways of wooing:

— Either you become that man.

— Or  you change what she wants.

The second is easier and more likely. You don’t need to change her views about something; you just have to be suitable.

Take help from this-

But if you get rejected, try to find the reason:

– Was it some guy?

– Was it some problem in you?

– Was it some issue she had with her past?

– Is she not ready? Was it too soon?

– Family problems?

– Ex – boyfriend issues?

– Does she want you to try harder?

– Is she confused?

There could be many reasons, and one approach cannot be the answer to all of these problems. You have to find out why you got kicked out? And only then you can plan your next strategy; only then you can restrict that part of you and show her that you are changed, or maybe explain that what she perceived was wrong…or anything.

Important Note: Whenever a guy asks a girl to be his Girlfriend, the answer to that question does not determine their relationship any more. They eventually get romantically involved from that given moment, even though how hard they might pretend to be friends. This does not mean that the girl falls for the guy, but it means they aren’t friends any more, if not lovers. In this situation every step forward is a victory:

– If you are still a friend = Victory.

– If you get closer = Grand Victory

– If you become her best friend = more grand Victory.

The above mentioned change happens because this time she is in the conscious awareness of the fact that you have romantic feelings for her, and despite of this fact if she is letting you come close to her, then every step is a Victory.

Dealing with rejection? Rejection is not failure!

At times when you make positive images in your mind and you are so sure about everything the other person throws you in dust by rejecting you or your proposal. Being rejected like a second hand object is considered like a failure in this world.

When you must cultivate relationships, you may at times find that you don’t get approval from someone. Some people have an excessive need for approval and if they are rejected they go into depression and sickness. The self-esteem of such people goes down like mercury in frozen temperatures. For them approval and acceptance is the only way to succeed and any slight idea of rejection shatters their confidence exhausting their life energy.

All human beings, irrespective of their qualities, attributes or looks or beliefs do get rejected at times. If that ever upsets you, please note that rejection does not mean that they are being insensitive, unpleasant or disapproving you.

Nobody can reject anyone. Rejection has nothing to do with what you have done or who you are. Someone disapproving you may have a narrow vision, incomplete picture in his/her mind, irrational or negative thoughts unrelated to you. Disapproval or rejection is not failure.

Stir and stimulate your self esteem, thoughts and try to break the false image in your mind and see the whole thing in the light of the day and you will realize that probably you were lucky to save your time by knowing the reality quicker.

Do not drag, depress, lament or weep over anybody who rejects your proposal – they may be rejecting their own good luck and you may be saving yourself from a future disaster. To live a happy life you don’t require other people’s license of acceptance.

By Marcelo azavedo