Published On : Tue, Mar 3rd, 2015

Regional Transport Officer assures of strict action against erring officials


Both the City RTO and the Rural RTO, is known for the rampant corruption. Nagpur Today did a Sting Operation which elicited how agents or touts can help anybody get any document by spending a few thousands.

The officials and employees of the RTO bluntly refuse to work or function in normal way citing some or the other technical difficulties, alleged sources. These officials are said to strongly recommend some or the other RTO agent or touts known to them to get the work done.

The sting operation revealed that unauthorized personnel were entering into the record room meant for authorized personnel only. They not only entered the record room, they knew which documents were kept at which location. They managed to get the signatures of the officials for which a road user may have to wait anywhere between 15 days to one month.

Regional Transport Officer (City) Sarjerao Shelke while answering to a question put up by Nagpur Today on what he has done about the agents and the touts, he said that except for 32 agents or touts, the rest of the Dalals or agents are not supposed to enter into the premises.

These touts are not supposed to carry-out any other work like filling the form and other manipulative activities inside the premises.

Shelke, while answering to another query about the corrupt officials who permit or allow these touts to continue their business unabated, said that he has issued written warning letters to 2-3 officials. If they do not abstain from their corrupt practices, necessary punitive action will be taken against them.

While answering to a question on how some touts still manage to enter inside the offices (where RTO personnel manning the counters sit) and get their signatures and rubber stamps affixed on the forms, he said that no tout is permitted inside the place where the officials sit manning the counters. To add to that Shelke said that if he finds any tout entering vital installations or areas meant for authorized personnel only, he will not only take penal action against the tout, he will also punish the official who is permitting these touts to enter into such prohibited area.

Shelke claimed that in spite of the pressure from all sides he has stuck to the decision of ridding the premises of touts and agents.

However, the Public Relations Officer who is manning a counter at the main entrance claims that thousands of people enter inside the premises. How can one keep a tab of who is an agent or tout and who is not. He claimed that he may recognize one or two of the old agents or touts, but what about the new touts or agents, he opined.

Rampant corruption continues unabated in RTO


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