Published On : Tue, Mar 3rd, 2015

GMCH well equipped to handle swine-flu: Dean


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The number of Swine Flu patients seem to be rising every day. The number of cases among the children and the aged too is rising. Till a few days back the ward allocated to host the swine-flu patients was pretty small. The number of beds were also limited. On a Minister’s orders, the number of beds was increased. However, this was increasing the risk of suspected patients to acquire the dreaded virus.

Nagpur Today visited the Ward No 25 separated for Swine Flu patients. A security personnel was manning the main gate to prevent the spread of the disease to visitors and other family members.

A doctor attending to patients claimed that the cases of suspected swine-flu patients are brought inside the ward and the doctors take their swab samples and send it for testing. The test results arrive the next day only. Till then they are retained in this ward only. When the tests are negative, the patients are sent back to the other wards, while those who test positive are retained in this ward. With the in-ward flow matching the out-ward flow, they are able to treat the patients. The doctor on condition of anonymity claimed that about 10-12 patients arrive every day.

While speaking exclusively with Nagpur Today, Dean of Government Medical College and Hospital Dr. Abhimanyu Niswade said that as of date, they are able to manage the patients. The number of patients admitted in the GMCH on March 3, 2015, is around 45.

The Dean has shown presence of mind and very intelligently made optimum use of available resources and created another ward to treat the swine flu patients. Dean Niswade claimed that they now have two wards.

One is Ward No 25 where adult patients above the age of 12 years are admitted and treated. The new ward that is opened is for infants or Paediatric Ward which is an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). This is also called as the Medical Ward. This Ward is equipped with the oxygen ventilator. Both these wards are equipped with 8+2=10 oxygen ventilator.

Dean Niswade said that these wards are equipped with the Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) which is the delivery of mechanical ventilation to the lungs using techniques that do not require an endotracheal airway.

By taking this initiative, Dean of GMCH Dr. Abhimanyu Niswade, has effectively protected the young from getting infected and from spreading the disease further.

Dr Niswade said that some of the problems that they are facing are alarming.

  1. The Vaccinations are practically unavailable in Maharashtra anywhere. (Against what the Health Minister had claimed)
  2. The surgical N95 respirator which has been cleared by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) as a surgical mask is supposed to be the ideal mask to protect one from Swine flu. However, these masks are not available in the market. Those who do have practically sell them at exorbitant costs. The Medical Stores or Chemists shops which have the stock of these masks are said to be making a quick buck in the sale of these masks.
  3. The GMCH had to make arrangements to procure the vaccinations from a dealer in Cochin so that they can administer the vaccinations to the Doctors who are treating the patients. Dr Niswade claimed that one resident had almost got infected.
  4. The masks had to be procured from some other sources too. Without them the doctors treating them are practically sitting ducks sure to get infected.
  5. The GMCH is spending a huge amount of money to treat their patients infected with Swine Flu. Each Advanced Medications (Antibiotics) which they have to administer to the patients costs Rs 2000/- (Rupees Two Thousand) per day. The patients have to be administered these drugs at-least for a period of 7-8 days.

However, Dean of GMCH Dr Niswade claimed that the citizens of Nagpur are not doing anything to take precautions. He claimed that the populace should avoid going to crowded places like markets, bus-stands, railway stations etc. One should wear a mask. Keep the nose and mouth covered with a mask.

By Samuel Gunasekharan

However, the scenario is not the same in IGGMC&H (Mayo Hospital) and Daga Hospital. Keep logging into Nagpur Today for the series going to be run daily.