Published On : Thu, Jun 26th, 2014

Recovery of skeleton, bungling probe expose Sonegaon cops, ‘operation’ raises eyebrows


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A skeleton has exposed more skeletons in police cupboard. A skeleton has exposed undutiful and irresponsible attitude of a Police Inspector in handling a sensitive matter. Nagpur city was abuzz when the skeletal remains were recovered from a gutter in the premises of an apartment in Manish Nagar some days ago. But the handling of the situation by police has raised more questions than the answers.

An unidentified caller had informed the Police Control Room about 20-25 days ago that skeletal remains were noticed at the gutter in Manish Nagar. The Control Room in return relayed the information to Sonegaon Police Station. Subsequently, Police Inspector R P Shah and his team reached the spot to investigate the matter. The police retrieved the skeletal remains but shockingly buried the skeleton nearby railway track without informing the higher authorities, specifically the forensic experts. The police even did not send the skeletal remains to the Forensic Lab for further investigation. Had the PI Shah carried out a detailed and scientific probe into the recovery of the skeletal remains the mystery shrouding the finding could have been solved and truth dug out. But the undutiful attitude of Police Inspector Shah has thrown the probe into the gutter itself, sources in police said.

According to sources, the first course of action the police could have charted was to first inform the Tehsildar as is the practice. Any further action has to be carried out in the presence of Tehsildar. But the police proved themselves dismal and buried the skeletal remains in front of Anupriya Apartment near the railway track.

The sources further said that the PI Shah has no business to determine whether the skeletal remains belong to human being or animal. A scientific examination by forensic experts could only reveal the nature of skeletal remains. The viscera report also plays an important role in such cases. But the Sonegaon police have, by their inept handling of the situation, ensured a veil of secrecy over recovery of the skeleton.
However, the most mysterious part of the entire episode has still not been hammered out. Whose skeleton has been recovered? Human being or animal? According to the Police Inspector R P Shah, “The skeletal remains were trapped in the gutter and were proving hurdle in smooth passage of waste material. Even otherwise the remains resembled to that of an animal and therefore were buried without further probe. Sonegaon Police Station, too, has no record of any complaint regarding the skeleton or any specific missing person that could warrant further probe,” the PI said.

However, according to sources, answers to some pointed questions are not forthcoming:
• Why the skeletal remains were buried in the dark night whereas they were recovered at 11 in the morning?
• Why veil of secrecy over the recovery of the skeleton?
• Why no information about the recovery was passed to higher authorities?
• Why the remains not sent to Forensic Lab for scientific investigation?
• Why no FIR was lodged at the police station?