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Recipe: Masala Chole Coriander Ravioli


Recipe Masala Chole Coriander Ravioli by Meera Panchmatia from Nagpur 13

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Tickle your taste buds with the unique combination Indian and Italian Cuisine in a single dish, Masala Chole

Meera Panchmatia

Meera Panchmatia

Coriander Ravioli, recipe of which is shared by Nagpur’s Meera Panchmatia, who has been a reputed Chef since long now, and worked professionally as a chef de parties with marriotts in London.

Masala Chole Coriander Ravioli


Eggless Ravioli Dough

1 cup of plain flour

Chopped Coriander

Pinch of salt

Butter melted



Mix all the ingredients to form a normal dough

Chole Recipe

11/2 cup Kabuli chana soaked over-night and pressure cooked with couple of tea bag


Bay leaf

Big Black Elaichi

Cinnamon Stick

Shahi Jeera

3 chopped onions

One small packet of tomato purée

Ginger and garlic paste

Red chili powder

Everest Chole masala

Pinch of Amchur powder

Salt to taste

Water to adjust the gravy

Pinch of sugar

Chopped Coriander

Mashed potato or bread crumbs



Recipe Masala Chole Coriander Ravioli by Meera Panchmatia from Nagpur 12


Take oil in a large container. Once hot enough, add shahi jeera and whole spices and let the flavour infuse for a couple of seconds.

Add finely chopped onions and let them brown on a medium flame. Add salt so that it draws the moisture out of the onions and cooks faster till it turns pink in colour. Add ginger and garlic paste and cook further.

Add the tomato purée and a little water. Once the oil floats, add red chili powder, chole masala and add a little water more and cook on medium flame.

Add the pressure cooked kabuli channa and let it cook with the gravy.

Add a pinch of sugar to adjust the tartness of the tomatoes.

Adjust seasoning with salt.

Add chopped Coriander and let the Chole rest and cool down before stuffing and also for the flavours to infuse well.

Take some of the Chole and grind it in the mixer. If the water content seems to look extra (which might quite often happen), add potatoes/bread crumbs (preferable) for it to thicken so that it can be stuffed in the ravioli and is not too loose.

Recipe Masala Chole Coriander Ravioli by Meera Panchmatia from Nagpur 11


Final assembling

Roll the dough flat in the form of chapatti, take a ‘ravioli cuter’ (or even a normal round mould cutter would suffice).

Cut 2 round shapes, fill the bottom with the Chole stuffing and cover it with the other round shape.

Apply little water round the edges and press tightly, but carefully fill the stuffing making sure no air can get inside or else while cooking the ravioli water will get inside and the ravioli might split.

To make sure it is sealed well, one can fork dip it in flour and seal it

Boil some water with oil and salt and put these ravioli in them. Once they float, they’re cooked. Pan-fry them in garlic butter and serve hot topping them with a little Chole gravy and coriander.

RECIPE BY: Meera Panchmatia


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