Raw water scarcity, wind storms, power tripping and delayed Monsoon posing threat to city water supply

  • The supply has remained hampered during the months of April and May
  • Situation to remain unstable till Monsoon arrives

Nagpur : The city water supply is facing many challenges making it difficult for NMC to ensure normal water supply. The various reasons for the situation include unavailability of raw water, wind storms causing power failures, frequent trippings and delayed Monsoon. These reasons have hampered the water supply for days together in the month of April and May and the situation is not expected to improve till Monsoon arrives.

It is to be mentioned here that the lack of sufficient rains last year has caused havoc on the raw water availability which has been the scarcest in last many years. It has forced us to use the dead stock from Totladoh to fulfil the city’s demand.

Dry Gorewada Lake….which was used as Water Bank in case of emergency

In addition to this, there have been frequent power trips at Navegaon Khairi and Kanhan from MSEB throughout the month and precisely the entire past week. It has resulted into less availability of raw water for treatment at the water treatment plants especially at Gorewada Pench 1, 2, 3 and Pench 4. Although the MSEB has been fully supportive and are at their job dotingly, the power failures have added to the water woes of the city and how.

Since 5th of June to till date NMC-OCW facing shortage of approx 21 to 25 MLD avg. bulk supply at Kanhan side & 72 to 75 MLD avg. bulk water supply at Pench side. (Total 95 to 100 MLD less).This is bcoz of frequent power trippings & major problem is inconsistant raw water, power supply, no storage at Gorewada Lake (Gorewada Lake Dry) resulted bulk water allocation issue. Normally in Summer NMC-OCW supplies around 700 MLD water which has gone down to approx 600 MLD (approx 100MLD less )

The water supply to more than half of the city has gone haywire and even the Tanker supply could not be possible to the affected areas. As the problem is mostly due to nature’s fury, it is beyond the control of anyone. However, NMC and Orange City Water have been putting all the efforts to manage the situation to the best possible extent. It is clear that the situation can be stabilized only when the Monsoon arrives and there is sufficient water in the reservoirs providing water to the city.

NMC Authorities have appealed the citizens to support NMC-OCW while they are trying to manage the show. Citizens are requested to store sufficient water for their usage and co-operate during these hard times.