Published On : Fri, Sep 28th, 2012

Rautwar stages escape fiasco at Nyay Mandir

File photo of Rautwar (circled in red) during his arrest at Sonegaon Police Station

Nagpur News Today: Court staff, Lawyers, Policemen and others witnessed quality drama when Sr. Inspector who was trapped by ACB tried escaping from the Seventh floor of the Nayay Mandir building. He was in custody of the ACB personnel after Special Judge G J Atkare extended his remand for four more days. While escaping, Rautwar was chased by the ACB and other cops present and was eventually caught. Few eye-witnesses present said that Rautwar escaped to actually jump from the seventh floor of the building to commit suicide. A bewildered ACB senior officer landed a tight slap on Rautwar’s face for resorting to such oblivious behaviour.

Rautwar had been trapped by the ACB for demaning and accepting a bribe of Rs. 25,000 from Dr. Dattatraya Mudgal of Umrer, for bailing out his dughter-in-law Kanchan Kirti Mudgal. Earlier too Rautwar had taken Rs. 1 Lakh from Dr. Mudgal to file his say on Kanchan’s bail plea. The prosecution had informed the court that Kanchan Mudgal, while in Sonegaon Police’s custody had been taken by Rautwar to Muthoot Finance Limited’s office so she could mortgage her ornaments with the company and pay Rautwar Rs. 40,000. The prosecution requested the court to extend Rautwar’s PCR as the ACB wanted tor recover Rs. 1.40 Lakh from him. Sources said that a few more policemen from Sonegaon police station are likely to be booked in this case. Currently Rautwar is being kept in the Sadar Police Station lock-up.