Published On : Sat, Feb 6th, 2016

Randeep Hooda turns skeleton from hunk in just 28 days!

Randeep Hooda turns skeletonCan believe this? Ofcourse you won’t!! But the skinny, pale person in the picture is Randeep Hooda who has now reduced from a hunk to skeleton! He has lost 18 kgs in 28 days and is almost unrecognisable as Sarabjit Singh in Omung Kumar’s upcoming biopic.

The 39-year-old Haryanvi Jat, who likes his alu ki sabzi and choorma, had to go on a starvation diet, closely supervised by his sister and a doctor. “He cut down on his meals, filling up on coffee and water, even when we were shooting in Palghar and gorging on some great food. In his years in jail, Sarabjit was kept in a 4 x 4 room and had rat bites all over him. The first time I met Randeep, I told him that I wanted to see his bones. He took up the challenge and shocked even me,” admits Omung.

In fact, the first day, a drastically different Randeep walked into the set, squatted on the floor behind the monitor and largely went unnoticed. “It was only when I called for him that I realised he was sitting right there,” reminisces the National Award-winning director.

However, for the flashback sequences, the Kick actor had to put on a few kgs for a wrestling scene. “I gave him a 20 days break and he came back all pumped up,” Omung exults about his chameleon hero.