Published On : Wed, Sep 18th, 2019

Ramsay ‘Brother’ Shyam Ramsay dies in Mumbai hospital

Mumbai: Shyam Ramsay, one of the seven Ramsay Brothers known for cult horror films such as Puraani Haveli” and “Tahkhaana”, died in a hospital here on Wednesday, his family said. He was 67. Shyam Ramsay died of pneumonia on Wednesday morning at a city-based hospital. “He was hospitalised today morning as he was not feeling well so family members got him hospitalised. He passed away in hospital due to pneumonia,” a relative told news media.

He is survived by two daughters Sasha and Namrata. Shyam Ramsay was one of the seven Ramsay Brothers, who for the longest time ruled the horror genre in Indian cinema with low-budget movies in the 1970s and 1980s. The films were widely popular for their unique mix of horror and erotica.

Shyam Ramsay was considered the brain behind the group. He directed films such as “Darwaza”, “Purana Mandir”, “Veerana” and “The Zee Horror Show”.