Published On : Thu, Jul 2nd, 2015

Rampant irregularities in NMC-run Sanjay Gandhi School


Nagpur: Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) commissioner Shravan Hardikar paid a surprise visit to NMC-managed Sanjay Gandhi School at Deputy Signal locality on July 2 and found that it was rampant with innumerable irregularities. Displeased NMC boss then pulled up the NMC education officer, the school principals and Lakadganj Zone ward officer and asked them to submit the action taken report by July 6, 2015 over the necessary instructions issued by him.

During his inspection, the NMC commissioner found that the school vicinity was dirty, unhygienic and smelling foul all over, no means for students to sit in the class-rooms, no fans in class-rooms, no lights, defaced blackboards, broken toilets, broken grills and doors, etc.

He was enraged over the hand-writing of school teachers and their manner of teaching. Pulling the education officer Talatule and both the principals, he told them that those students who came in merit list were not by virtue of teachings, school management and facilities, but on their own efforts and talent. Dissatisfied with the performance of teachers, he remarked that they needed proper training. During his class-room inspection, the commissioner found that the students were not able use the blackboard properly and they were fear-stricken so much that they were faltering in stating their names and surnames.

Hardikar found that even the education officer was unable to clearly point out the budgetary provisions for school education and the needs of NMC run schools. He scolded the education officer for idly sitting in office and preparing educational budget based on previous years. He then directed the Lakadganj Zone ward officer Patil to prepare the reports of past three years relating to the schools and their needs, and submit it by July 6, 2015. The NMC commissioner has called for a meeting at NMC’s standing committee hall on July 6 on school related matters.

Present on this occasion included NMC’s education committee chairman Gopal Bohare and other NMC officials.

Illegible writings of principals NMC commissioner became severely irritated to see that the hand-writings of both the principals, that of morning shift and that of afternoon shift, were horribly illegible in their report-diaries. He expressed surprise with remark, “When your hand-writing is such how can the teachings of students improve?”

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )