Published On : Thu, Jul 2nd, 2015

NMC hunt for drop-outs and children not going to schools!

Nagpur: What may be termed as a commendable step to see that every child goes to school and no one remains deprived of or a drop-out under government’s ambitious RTE scheme, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation has decided to launch a one-day hunt on Saturday for all those children who are not going to schools under any pretext.

The hunt will be launched by NMC education department employees and teachers who will visit every nook and corner of the city and and hunt for the children who are not going to any school during their school-going age or who are drop-outs of any school. This drive also means to collect students for NMC-run-schools which are facing difficulties in completing admissions in this academic session, so that the NMC schools may be kept running. The drive may also help the children for their right to education, and no one is deprived of it.