Published On : Fri, Jan 3rd, 2020

Raj Tilak Roushan’s book ‘The Good, the Bad and the Unknown’ promises thrilling ride

Nagpur: After reaching great heights in ideal policing by winning Union Home Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Investigation and the FICCI Award for Smart Policing, Raj Tilak Roushan, former Deputy Commissioner of Police in Nagpur City and the current Superintendent of Police, Osmanabad, is all set to enthrall the people in a creative way. An IIT Kharagpur alumni, Roushan came up with a collection of short stories in his book – “The Good, the Bad and the Unknown” — which aims to take the reader into the minds of criminals and police officers.

Published by “Bloomsbury” that have published international bestselling authors like JK Rowling (Harry Potter), Khaled Hosseini, William Dalrymple etc, The Good, the Bad and the Unknown is gripping and spellbinding in its storytelling. The collection depicts not only the seedy underbelly of our society but also tries to show what motives people around us and people like us have to take up a life of crime. All the characters in the stories — be it the grandmother who finds a dead body in her house or the farmer whose crops are burnt down or even a petty thief — have layers to their personalities, where truth and friction can barely be discerned. Each story portrays various shades of human behavior — guilt, rage, love, greed, vengeance and fear — and offers many versions of the truth; the protagonist(s) and even the readers have to rely on their wits to make sense of this twisted world around them.

In an exclusive chat with Nagpur Today, Roushan narrates that the book is of literary fiction genre and also discusses the various aspects of the book, which is set to release on Jaunary 18, 2020 on online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. It is already available for purchase as preorder on Amazon and Flipkart. Even in preorder stage itself the book has created a huge buzz by appearing in top 50 bestsellers in various categories on Amazon.

“The Good, the Bad and the Unknown” has a universal appeal to it as it reflects the unraveling of the deepest and darkest human emotions through the most unlikely of characters,” says Roushan and added, “A collection of thrilling 18 short stories which have subtle interconnections, The Good, the Bad and the Unknown, transports you into a distorted and grisly world of crime where police officer Rishi (protagonist) is thrown in the midst of cases which seemingly appear impossible to solve. However, there are clues and hints neatly planted between all the 18 short stories which can help you see the big picture. The book showcases the vagaries of human nature affecting criminals, complainants, victims and police officers alike.”

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– Shubham Nagdeve