Published On : Wed, Jun 3rd, 2020

Rains lash Nagpur to bring cool respite

Nagpur: While Nagpur spent a major part of scorching summer under lockdown, the rains came as a cool respite even as the NMC’s Mission Begin Again to unlock city has commenced. After a shift in weather for over two days, a significant amount of downpour drenched the simmering streets of Nagpur on Wednesday, followed by a scorching round of Navtapa which ended four days back.

As the first spell of seemingly arrival of rains in Nagpur hit the city scapes, the anxious lot tried to make the most of it by soaking into the cool dip at Ambazari lake while the commuters rejoiced it as the welcome showers.

While the city had the stressful time struggling with the closure owing to lockdown in the wake of Covid 19 outbreak, the rains were certainly up for the change.