Rain returns after short break in Nagpur; NMC issues health advisory for citizens

Nagpur News: After a heavy spell of incessant rains last week, steady downpour returned in Nagpur on Wednesday morning after a short break of four days. The showers that started on a steady pace on Tuesday evening picked up by next morning. The clouds have been mounding over the city skies since last two days but it did not yield any rains. However, with the fresh spell of rainfall, the people of Nagpur are once again relieved from the humid weather that existed in view of no rains. But they are equally aggrieved with the pitiable state of civic system.

Like every year Nagpur Municipal Corporation made a point to issue the usual health advisory for all its citizens going by the water logged streets and uncovered main holes in various areas. But, it has certainly scored nil in its preparedness for the rains.

Perhaps turning blind eye towards piling property tax to the tune of crores of rupees on big fishes in Nagpur has led NMC run short of funds for monsoon management. Nagpur Today has constantly ran a series of reports highlighting the tactics NMC officials and their blatant ignorance over recovering property tax from the big ticket commercial establishments and influential people.

Meanwhile the citizens are also worried over the outbreak of rain related diseases. The NMC while signaling that prevention is better than cure, has turned out with fresh advisory getting people to prevent them from the serious water borne diseases like cholera, gastroenteritis, typhoid, diarrhea, jaundice and dengue. The NMC’s Health Department has appealed the Nagpur citizens to strictly implement the advisory issued by it so that the deadly heads of the diseases could be crushed with healthy hands.

Recently Nagpur Mayor Anil Sole called a meeting of all top NMC bosses and reviewed the preparedness to handle several rain-related hazardous situations and untoward incidents.

After the meeting Monsoon Emergency Control Room adjoining the Fire Brigade Department has been set up. The Control Room was suppose to function 24 hour and the NMC officials and employees from concerned departments would remain present for 24 hours in three shifts. However, most of the services are out of order before it can be pressed into action.

Following are the steps the citizens must take care of to keep themselves safe from the brunt of monsoon-related diseases.

1)         Drink clean and purified water. The water of bore-wells, which are not purified or cleaned by either the NMC or the citizens, must be avoided for drinking purpose.

2)         Stale food or openly kept eatables invite germs carrying flies. This must be skipped. The eatables should adequately be covered by any clean means.

3)         Strictly avoid consuming eatables from roadside eateries.

4)         Drink water after boiling and cooling. If possible put chlorine tablets in the drinking water.

5)         Every citizen must maintain clean environment personally.

6)         The citizens, who get inflicted by the above-mentioned diseases, must immediately consult doctors and get treated.

7)         The NMC’s Isolation Ward in Imambada provides treatment to Gastro patients free of cost (provided the doctors remain there).

8)         The symptoms of Gastro are like fever, nausea, vomiting, loose motions, dizziness or fainting. The patients must be given Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS), and most importantly, take the patient to a doctor.

9)         The private hospitals or clinics must inform the NMC (consider yourself lucky if NMC responds in time) about the above-mentioned disease patients who have visited their hospitals for the treatment.

10)      The citizens must maintain cleanliness of their houses and surrounding areas.