Published On : Sun, Apr 3rd, 2016

Railway cops unite separated father-son duo at station

Nagpur: Displaying exemplary alertness the Railway police united a father-son duo who had got separated at Railway Station here on Saturday. The act of Railway police assumes significance as they faced communication problem as neither the father nor the son were able to speak the language the cops wanted them to speak. Despite the language problem, cops succeeded in bringing cheers on the faces of separated duo.

The father-son duo Sitakanta Bagh and Bahano Bagh, natives of Bijangir, Odisha, boarded Sanghamitra Express from Raipur for going to Mancherial. The train reached Nagpur at 4.45 pm on Platform No. 3. Since Bahano was hungry, Sitakanta disembarked the train for purchasing ‘idlis.’ But the ‘idlis’ were nowhere their coach forcing Sitakanta to search for the stuff away from the coach. As considerable time passed, the kid Bahano got panicked and he too disembarked the train and went on to search his father. In the meanwhile, Sitakanta returned to the coach only to find Bahano missing. Now, the father-son duo was searching each other in the crowded platform. But the train had to leave and it left, too, leaving behind searching father-son duo.

Meanwhile, ASI Khushal Shendge who was on duty and patrolling the platform spotted Bahano crying and seaching someone with blank face. The ASI consoled and asked him about the problem. But the language problem was keeping them blank and creating a sort of dilemma. The ASI Shendge brought Bahano to Railway Police Station and with the help of a interpreter understood the situation. Comforting Bahano at police station, the ASI embarked on a search of his father at the platform. There he saw a man looking here and there with panicky face. Showing police instincts, ASI Shendge took the man to police station. Seeing his father, Bahano embraced him with all strength forgetting the hunger and the ‘idlis.’ Sitakanta too could not control tears but he did not forget to thank the Railway cops for the unification. Thereafter the PI Abhay Panhekar offered them food and ensured the father-son duo’s journey to Mancherial in the night by Dakshin Express.