Published On : Fri, Jan 12th, 2018

Rahul Gandhi expresses concern over judges p.c. and investigation into Justice Loya’s death

New Delhi: In a very brief press conference held by Congress President Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi, Gandhi said that senior judges of the S.C. coming out to address their grievances is a very serious matter.

“Democracy is under threat” he commented.

The second point about which the Congress President expressed disquiet is the matter of ‘investigation into Justice Loya’s death’. (He died in Nagpur about 3 years ago, when he was in the midst of hearing the critical case against Amit Shah, regarding custodial deaths in Gujarat.) His family recently spoke up and said his death happened in ‘mysterious circumstance’ and he was under intense pressure, and was even offered bribe by the CJI of Mumbai High court to rule in Shah’s favour.

The matter is before the S.C. now after a PIL was filed. It is being conjectured that the 4 senior most judges are concerned that the crucial case may be handed over to a ‘junior bench’ by the CJI.

Rahul Gandhi addressed the conference in English first and later Hindi.

He immediately walked out after making the statement and did not take any questions.

Senior Congress leaders, who are also lawyers like Chidambaram, Surjewalla, Sibal and Manish Tiwari were present. Manu Sanghvi, another senior practising S.C. lawyer did not attend since he was in Mumbai.