Published On : Fri, May 8th, 2020

“Rahe Na Rahe Hum “ A Online Musical Concert on fb by Sur Sangam during Anniversary Celebration of Hedgewar Blood bank.

Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar expressing his views about program.

Sur Sangam , Sachin Dhomne has organized ” Rahe Na Rahe Hum “ A Online Musical Concert on FB . It is unique program by Sur Sangam on occasion of World Thalasemiya Day and Twenty seventh Anniversary of Hedgewar Blood Bank . Dr. Manoj Salpekar , Mahendra Dhole sensation on the musical world Sachin and Surbhi Dhomne has planned this novel program. Vithoba Dantmanjan and tooth paste and Johnsons Lift and escalators has extended support for it. Surbhi Dhomne is a versatile singer who perform songs of various singers with perfection.

Show was attended by majority of viewers from Maharashtra and Goa and around the globe Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar gives encouragement and appreciation for such novel idea of on line events. Dr Manoj Salpekar is a renowned personality of Nagpur who is Doctor as well as stage performer too. Up till now he has given many live shows at various halls of Nagpur. He nicely elaborates the importance of Blood donation and its importance . Hedgewar Blood banks is doing very good work for the patients of Thalasemiya. Sachin and Surbhi Dhomne, has proved their mettle in Nagpurs musical arena and now it is a brand name for quality programs.

Shri Ashok Patki Secretary of Hedgewar blood Bank elaborates the work quantum of blood bank and its social services.

Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar and other renowned people of Nagpurs musical world witness the program on line and extend their best wishes to Sur Sangam. . Singers and artist were, Surbhi Dhomne, Vijay Chivande, Rishob Dhomne , Mayuresh and Dr. Manoj Salpekar , Vikram Joshi, Mahendra Dhole, . Dr Manoj has anchored and coordinated the show. Nicely he elaborates the importance of Blood Donation in these crucial days.

Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar expressing his views about program.

Tu Buddhi de…..…. ” He Rashtra Devatanche….., Chafa Bolena…., Aanandi aanand gade…., sung by Surbhi Dhomne , Insan Ka insane se ho Bhaichara…. , Tera Muse Hai pahle ka nata koi… Jindagi Kaisi hai paheli… Vijay Chiwande, Sajan re zut mat bolo……, By Manoj salpekar , Jindgi pyar ka geet hai…by Surbhi, Ik din Bik Jayega… By Sachin dhomne, Duet Madhuban Khusbu deta hai and many more songs were presented during program.

Tital song Rahe na rahe hum …. By Surbhi Dhomne and Tera Muzse hai nata koi… ..Sung by Vijay received loud applaud from audience and enthralls audience with patriotic feel. .

In the lock down period , Sur Sangam has given a musical feast to all viewers. Viewers shower their comments on the Singers and organizers. Huge no comments and compliments was there to the show.

Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar encourages the singers, Organizers for live program in this crucial days of Corona kovid 19. He has wide promotion for this event on social Media. Blood Donation is a Social Cause and he always arrange blood donation camp at his college along with Blood Banks of Nagpur.

Shri . Ashok Patki elaborating the role of Blood bank.

Vijay Puranik , Nalini Chauhan, Sanjay Gawai, Mr Yoganand Bopche, Mr. Rakesh Bopche ,Dr. Salim Chavan, Dr. Varsha Uttarwar, Nikita Madam, Mrs. Manisha Puranik, Harshali Mam, Sanjay Borkar, Pratima Mam, Mr. Rakesh Bopche, Mr. shyam Dhomne, Sanjivani Chaudhary, Aashish Hadke, Mrunal latte, Niketa Joshi, Anshu Buty, Ashvini, Dr. Amruta, Yash Kher, Shruti Jain, Shruti Baiwar , Parvati Nayar, mHarshali Kherche, and many more music lovers has joined program. Anchor Manoj Salpekar has done his job nicely. He elaborates the facts impressively and soulfully.

Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar encourages the singers, Organizers for live program in this crucial days of Corona kovid 19. He is having immense interest and contribution to the field of music. He is a renowned Academician , Principal, Social worker and singer of our city too. He is associated with various social and cultural bodies of Nagpur.

At the beginning of program , Organisers welcome Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar , Shri. Kartik Shende, , Shri. Sudhir Ghike , Shri. Ashok Patki Secretary and office bearers of Hedgewar Blood bank, Office bearers of Jhonson Lifts and Escalators, Office bearers of Vithoba Dant manjan and tooth paste and other renowned people of Nagpurs musical world and all on line viewers for their support and encouragement. .

In his reply to welcome , Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar gave thanks to Dr. Manoj Salpekar, Sachin Dhomne for lovely organization and extend his good wishes for future of the Sursangam. He always encourage young talents for presenting their talents on various fronts. Many more groups are coming ahead to present on line programs of face book.

Program comes to end at 9 pm and music lovers moves with euphoria of sweet songs.