Published On : Wed, Dec 6th, 2017

Punished for not wearing helmet while driving car

Nagpur: It’s difficult to digest that the Nagpur traffic police can make such silly mistakes. One Jaswinder Singh was fined for not wearing a helmet while driving a car and flouting the traffic rules. The story did not just end here. He was fined on 10 April 2017. A challan receipt of Rs 500 was sent by the Police Commissioner’s office, Traffic department for flouting the traffic rule by not wearing a helmet while driving car, on Jaswinder’s address on 26 Aug. The height of lateness was Jaswinder Singh received the challan receipt on December 5. The traffic deptt must have thought, better late than never.

Often the police and the common man end in an argument over breaking of rules and so now-a-days photos are taken and sent with challan as Maharashtra police has gone digital. Jaswinder was nowhere to be found in photo, the road was seen,other vehicles were visible but not he.

On Wednesday a press conference was called in which the members of International Human Rights Organisation have asked the police department clarify on this matter. Ravi Gadge Patil and Rajesh Kumbhalkar members of human Rights organisation have said that this is not the only case in which a person has been punished for no fault of his there are many other. More over the Sikh community has been excused from wearing helmet does not the traffic police know.