Published On : Thu, Nov 6th, 2014

Provisional admission : City Engineering colleges make quick buck, students face hard luck


Rajesh (name changed), a student at one of the city’s known Engineering colleges is in deep despair. He was rest assured of taking up examination for his third year but to his dismay his name did not appear in list of examinees. Though he was asked to pay full fees for the year, he could not get to sit in examination. Reason? He has not cleared two papers from his first year. There are many such students across various engineering colleges in Nagpur, who are left in lurch by their college administration, just to make quick bucks in the name of provisional admission.

Interestingly, the colleges despite knowing the student’s fate did not even mind extracting examination fees from the naive students, only to get debarred from taking up examination in the eleventh hour.

Almost all engineering colleges and Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University have been at loggerheads on the same issue and the students become the ultimate sufferers. They are made to cough up hefty fees in full and eventually blocked from taking up the examination. As per the rule, if a college is giving provisional admission to any student it cannot take more than 20% of the total fee.

The case in question points to various anomalies the colleges are commiting, only to make their ‘business’ grow at the cost of students’ future.

Rajesh had taken admission in BE (Electrical) in one of the reputed engineering colleges of the city. Most of the engineering colleges are affiliated to the Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University.  However he was unable to clear 4 subjects out of 10 subjects. He then applied for revaluation. The results of the revaluation, took longer time than expected. Since the dates for the Winter Examination had already fallen in line, he appeared for the Winter Examinations. He failed in the Winter Examinations, but is declared as passed in the revaluation in two out of four papers. Armed with the results of the revaluation, he went to the college, purchased the form for the second year and this time around he cleared all the subjects of the second year.
He then went to the college and bought the form of 3rd year. He was given provisional admission after receiving the full fees (which sources say is against the rules and that the colleges can only take 10-20 % of the fee amount).While provisional fees amounts to anywhere between Rs 80,000 to Rs 1 lakhs (depending on the branch), the manner in which it is received by the colleges keeping the students in dark about their eligibility is wrong. So is the way the Examination Fees is collected. Rajesh was also made to pay the examination fees amounting to Rs 2250.

However, when the time approaches for him to appear in the examinations, he realized that his name did not appear in the list of examinees. So he approached the college authorities, who in-turn sent him to the RTMNU for clarification. There, he was unceremoniously told that he was never eligible to sit in the third year, without clearing all the papers of the first year. While the college authorities sent Rajesh to RTMNU authorities for clarification, where he came to know that  the college authorities were fooling him.  In this process, nearly 4-5 months passed. Rajesh then decided to clear the two papers of first year and then appears for the third year. However, the fees which he had paid for the provisional admission of third  year, are not  reimbursed in the first instance but carried forward, when he becomes eligible for the current academic session.

This way the colleges are earning to the tune of nearly lakhs from the students. However, in-spite of many student bodies and political parties raising this issue, the issue is never resolved. While colleges continue to fleece the students and give admissions to students who are never eligible to even take admissions, the RTMNU seems to ignore the issue for reasons best known to them. It is high time the authorities of RTMNU berate the college authorities for such negligence.

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