Published On : Fri, Nov 7th, 2014

Be honest, don’t get trapped in match-fixing, advises former test cricketer Gulam Parker


Gulam Parker, former test cricketer was in Nagpur and overwhelmingly interacted with media persons. He talked about the biography written by Sachin Tendulkar and commented that the word about Chappel was right.

Parker promoted “swach bharat abhiyan” and encouraged everybody to participate in it and appreciated domestic cricket.

Nagpur Today interacted Gulam Parker as he unfolded interesting facts about his childhood and cricketing stint.

How your career started in the field of cricket?

I started playing cricket at the age of 12 years. Right from school level and West zone level, I played under 16, under 19, under 22 and for Ranji Trophy. I was the higher scorer for 2 years at Ranji Trophy which worked as a milestone and was picked up for Indian cricket team.

What you like most in cricket?

Fielding is my passion.

Basically young cricketers should focus on?

Young cricketers should learn defence at the beginning of their carrier. It will help them learn basics. They should be playing full time and keep practicing. Practice should be like “Bread of Butter”. Last year Sachin Tendulkar was practicing, which helps him to perform properly.

Tips for young sportsmen?

Firstly young players should have patience and work hard. They should keep on learning and keep the highest goal and target the highest goal. From the age group of 14 to 19 years they should play for 50 over game but not twenty-twenty. However, they can opt for twenty-twenty after acquiring the age of 19 years. During off season they should play in tournaments.

Comment on the fitness, the sportsperson should have?

Young players should sleep early; this is the master key of success. They should take proper breakfast, lunch and whatever they eat at home. If the person is fat in health then he should take proper diet.

Your message for every youth?

Young sports person should be honest. When honesty comes they would not get trapped in match fixing. First choice must be team’s interest.

Brief profile

A dashing opening batsman and an outstanding cover fielder, Parker was picked for the 1982 tour of England following some fine performances around the domestic cricket. Parker was a stalwart for Bombay for several years and in the Ranji Trophy he scored 3087 runs (49.79). He was Sunil Gavaskar’s able partner for many years and in the 1981-82 quarter final against Bengal the two put on 421 runs.

However, during press conference Bankers Sports Council’s President, P.T. Lule and Secretary Ramesh Thakur were also present.

–        By Shipra Jha

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