Published On : Wed, Sep 23rd, 2015

Prisoner beaten up in Central Jail

Prisoner suffers heart attack the fourth time

kaidi narayan kavteNagpur: Every Central Jail is a place which houses prisoners who are convicted for various crimes. However, in spite of the security measures, often in-fighting among prisoners has occurred.  Many convicts who often land in jail because of commission of a repeat offence and they land up with the person whose testimony or witness had caused them to undergo imprisonment.

In a similar incident, a prisoner identified as Narayan Kewte who was undergoing life imprisonment for murder was beaten up by some other prisoners and allegedly by jail staff. He suffered his fourth heart attack in this incident. He was rushed to Cardiac Ward of Super-Specialty Hospital for treatment.

It is alleged that the victim’s getting beaten up is seen as an arm twisting method to force the victim to take back his testimony or become a hostile witness.

Sources claimed that for the past few months a duress has been made on Narayan Kewte to take back his witness or testimony.

Narayan Kewte is undergoing imprisonment in Nagpur Central Jail for a murder that he committed. He has already completed 17 years of imprisonment and sources in the jail said that he has 2.5 years more to go.

Why was he beaten-up?
The exact cause of his being beaten-up is still a big secret. However, sources claim that the victim Kewte is a witness of an incident which occurred in the Jail Bakery. He was forced to change his testimony. When he did not relent, force and physical attack was used as duress to change his statement.

It could be mentioned that on earlier occasion too prisoners have been beaten-up by fellow prisoners. According to sources, the victim Narayan Kewte a native of Karanja Ghadge in Amravati District and had murdered a man in his village a few years ago. He was since arrested and presented in the court. After his guilt was proved in the court, Narayan Kewte was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was sent to Nagpur Central Prison. Sources claimed that Narayan Kewte was housed in the small goal.

Kewte is a witness of an incident which occurred in the Jail Bakery. Sources claimed that his eye-witness or testimony could prove detrimental to many jail officials and prisoners. He was asked to change his testimonial statement often. However, when Narayan Kewte did not relent and stayed adamant in his stand, five days ago some jail staff and prisoners had beaten him up. Narayan Kewte had reported that he was beaten up thrice on earlier occasions too. Narayan Kewte had claimed that he had suffered strokes (heart-attack) thrice. He said that this is the fourth time that he has suffered an attack. Initially he was admitted to the prison hospital. When his condition worsened, he was taken to Government Medical College and Hospital for treatment. Later, he was shifted to the Heart Department of Super Specialty Hospital. The Police Headquarters have deployed two policemen for his protection.

Where will I run away to?

While speaking to some media personnel, Narayan Kewte had said “the way the police are guarding me, as if I am going to run away. Where will I run away to, asked Narayan Kewte”. He claimed that he had already completed 17 years of his sentence period and has availed parole and had met his family many times. He said he has a wife and two children. He claimed that as soon as he gets released, the first thing he will do is to get the children get married. He said that he has 2.5 years more to go. He expressed his inability to fathom why he was beaten-up. His family has rushed to Nagpur.