Published On : Mon, Jan 13th, 2014

Preeti says Abhay takes suggestions from her before signing films


The close proximity between Abhay Deol and her actress girlfriend Preet Desai has been discussed for quite some time. Now the update is that Preeti appears to have taken over the reins of Abhay. Given the kind of statement she gave in the media, it is evident that Abhay was more than happy to follow what her girlfriend instructs to him.

Preeti, who has paired with real life boyfriend Abhay Deol in One By Two, praises her beaus choice in scripts saying he has a knack for understanding good scripts.

Preeti said: “He is perfect when it comes to choosing script. He knows exactly what a good script is, so we discuss.”

Like any other couple, they value each other’s opinion.

“It’s normal discussing stuff. Even he takes my suggestions before signing films,” added the model-turned actress, who entered Bollywood with 2011 movie ‘Shor In The City’.

‘One By Two’ is Abhay’s production venture and Preeti says she has been “telling him to get into direction or production for a long time”.

She added: “He knows what is good, he knows what he is talking about. I think it’s bound to happen because to get things in your own way, you have to make it yourself.”

Abhay and Preeti are currently promoting ‘One By Two’, for which Devika Bhagat went behind the camera. It is scheduled for aJan 31 release.