Published On : Wed, Apr 16th, 2014

Pratap Nagar ESR area (Khamla prabhag) to get new pipelines by trenchless technology

  • 24×7 rehabilitation work begins in Khamla prabhag 
  • 370 km pipeline replaced in 20 months

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Nagpur News : Localities of Pratap Nagar, Telecom Nagar, Dindayal Nagar, Khamla, Sindhi Colony, Kotwal Nagar etc under Khamla Prabhag in Laxmi Nagar zone will soon get potable water from new pipelines soon.

The Orange City Water (OCW) which is implementing Nagpur Municipal Corporations ambitious project of providing uninterrupted water supply project (popularly known as 24X7) has commenced its rehabilitation project (changing of pipelines) in Pratap Nagar ESR command area from Tuesday, April 15.

On Tuesday, April 15, Hon. Corporators from Khamala prabhag – Girish Deshmukh and Pallavi Shyamkule alongwith several prominent citizens jointly performed bhoomipujan of the project work in a function organised at Telecom Nagar. The function was attended by large number of citizen’s alongwith NMC and OCW officials.

In Pratap Nagar ESR command area; NMC-OCW is replacing almost 8 km old water supply network pipeline using HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) pipes and will provide house service connections (HSC’s) at every consumers door-step using MDPE (Medium Density Poly Ethylene) pipes.

It is pertinent to note here, OCW in a bid to avoid road cuttings and digging of internal lanes has also planned to use (HDD machines) trenchless technology for lying of HDPE pipeline. OCW has started utilising such technology to minimise traffic disruptions and chances of disturbing existing utilities.

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It may be mentioned here, after addition of Laxminagar ESR, a new command area, now changing of pipelines activity under ambitious uninterrupted water supply project is going on in full swing in almost in 31 command areas like : Nandanvan Ext ESR, Reshimbag, Nandanvan Proposed II ESR, Shanti Nagar, Binaki, Deshpanday Layout, Benzonbagh, Wanjari Nagar ESR II, Boriyapura Feeder, Boriyapura ESR, Sitabardi Fort I, Dhantoli, Killa Mahal, Bastarwadi ESR II- Part A, Bastarwadi ESR IIPart B, Sakkardara I & II, Bastarwadi ESR I, Indora Prop ESR I, Lakadganj Existing ESR 1, Sakkardara Proposed, Governor House, Buldi, Laxminagar Existing Old ESR, Nandanvan Proposed -1 ESR, Lakadganj Existing ESR – 2, Wanjari Nagar Existing ESR-1, Raj Nagar, Gittikhadan GSR, Sita Buldi Fort and now at Pratap Nagar ESR area.

The actual rehabilitation work (changing of pipelines under 24×7 project) in city started in July 2012 and in last 21 months, in these 31 command areas, OCW has successfully replaced over 370 Km new HDPE pipeline and also replaced near about 53,000 house service connections (HSCs) (Up to April 15, 2014) across city.

Along with actual rehabilitation work of the uninterrupted (24×7) water supply project, OCW is also replacing very old network, rusted pipelines that were supplying contaminated water in many parts of city under ‘Priority Works.’ About 25 km pipeline has also been successfully replaced under priority works so far.

At Pratap Nagar ESR command area NMC-OCW has also set up a ‘Water House’ for the consumers of area to address to their complaints about works related issues like digging of roads, restoration or any problems developed related with HDD underground digging etc.