Published On : Tue, Jun 4th, 2013

Pranic Healing – an Energy based modality

Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art that has been adapted and systematized by the founder of modern Pranic Healing, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. It has been used to heal countless people through the ages. The principle is simple. We know that every living being possesses the inborn ability to heal itself. Pranic Healing simply enhances this healing process by utilizing the energy of life. This energy is called ‘Prana‘ (life-force) in Sanskrit.

Vijay Khanke, an instructor for Basic & Advanced course of Pranic Healing licensed by Institute for Inner Studies, Philippines was in Nagpur recently and spoke to Nagpur Today in length about the ancient science, here is the excerpt from the interview.


Nagpur Today: Hello Mr. Vijay, firstly if you can introduce yourself?

Vijay Sir: I’m Vijay Khanke, by profession I’m a software consultant, I work with companies for their IT solutions. In Pranic Healing, I’m an instructor for Basic & Advanced course of Pranic Healing licensed by Institute for Inner Studies, Philippines.

Nagpur Today: Why Pranic Healing?

Vijay Sir: How I came into Pranic Healing is actually I dint believe in such things previously. In 2008, I was introduced to Pranic Healing by a friend of mine who said Pranic Healing is a No-Drug Therapy, No-Touch Therapy and I was quite a skeptical person being from a technical & business background. I didn’t believe in such a thing at all. My friend use to share that they had healed these many people and were conducting regular camps and stuffs; I literally use to avoid him.

In August 2009, I was infected by Swine Flu, wearing mask and bed-ridden, pranic healing became a turning point in my life. I called my friend and told him the situation whether I can be treated or not? They said definitely we can do something about it. I was told to have my meals and sleep; I had to do nothing but they did quite a few things. When I woke up in morning I was feeling much better, there were no symptoms at all. I called up my doctor friend and told him I was feeling good, he asked what did you do? I said one of other friend did Pranic Healing. He was like ok; let’s get it checked with samples. We went to the Government Medical College for few test and surprisingly my report tested negative for Swine Flu. I was shocked to see how Pranic Healing worked; I had no idea about how it worked. I then decided to attend the Pranic Healing course to see what it was and how it worked. During those days, there were very minimal people doing Pranic Healing with just 4 -5 participants in a batch.

After attending the workshop, we felt it was scientific and convincing to me and my doctor friend. We continued our journey in Pranic Healing by doing other levels, attending workshops in Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The changes we had made in our physical, emotional, mental health were amazing. Considering my experiences I was then selected as a instructor for Pranic Healing. There are many cases which I have handled and seen miracles with Pranic Healing.

Nagpur Today: Wow, so what exactly is Pranic Healing?

Vijay Sir: Pranic Healing is a scientific and systematic energy science which is capable to heal your physical, mental, emotional problems and it’s a No-touch, no-drug therapy/modality. Without touching or talking to the patient you can heal them but it totally depends on the interest and will of the patient to get healed. Pranic Healing works on the energy body, previously the concept of energy body was not known to many people. Science did not believe in such thing but accidentally they built up camera called Kirlian photography and using such devices it was possible to take pictures of energy body. Researchers have now named the energy body as ‘Bioplasmic Body’. There is no such instruments available which can heal this bioplasmic body. Grand Master Chao Kok Sui, the father and founder of Pranic Healing, in short we call GMCKS Pranic Healing. He did research by taking pictures of many people having different problems, and then he developed certain techniques that manipulated energy and energy of human body. He found the results were amazing, the color’s of human body were changing and people were feeling relieved.

Then he put the research to next level where medical science is having limitations. What is the solution right now for someone with Kidney Failure? The only solution is Kidney Transplantation.  With pranic healing you can regenerate the same kidney without touching the person; it gives amazing results to be honest. The techniques of Pranic Healing have developed to such an extent where you can develop any cell in the body. Pranic healing helps person who has gone through a heart attack, heart regeneration is also possible. Kidney Stones can be reduced within 8 days and without touching the person at all. It’s a guarantee!

Basically, Pranic Healing works on energy body and energy centers. It’s an ancient science, like if you ask your elders how Nazar Utarna works; there is no answer to it. They just use water, salt etc. and without touching. Pranic Healing works the same way but with reasons and explanations. It’s about understanding the ancient science and art in a scientific way; its science as well as arts. Just like cookbook approach you apply the same protocol on different people, some heal quickly and same take time depending upon the severity of the problem. Pranic Healing has no limitation and we can work on any problems. The time of healing depends from person to person, for simple issues like pain it takes just 10 minutes.

Nagpur Today: Does the patient have to do any exercises, or say anything?

Vijay sir: No, the patient just rests. The Pranic healer does everything. The patient is just breathing and resting in a comfortable position. We give live demonstrations in workshops because it’s not theoretical subject it’s practical. In our workshops there is lot of practical techniques to be practiced than learning theory and many participants having basic issues get healed by the end of the workshop.

Nagpur Today: Who can benefit from pranic healing?

Vijay sir: Anybody, because the application of Energy Science are huge. One can apply for physical ailments, emotional problem, business problems. Business is also an entity with its own energy levels and even business healing is possible. In Pranic, financial healing can also be done if someone is going though critical financial condition because the cause of such situations are inside us, so we can work on those cause.

One of the most amazing applications of Pranic Healing is the Relationship Healing. Relationship healing can also be done when two people are having problems in relationship. There is no way you can treat them, expect talking to them. We do not talk to either of the partners we work on their energy systems and we remove the misunderstanding exchange. There is anger or hatred in both of them so we remove that part and automatically the problem is solved.

It is beneficial for students; they can enhance their academic performance and mental capability. It is useful for housewives were they can take care of their children in a better way. Now the best thing about Pranic Healing is Distant Healing. No matter even if your child is in Mumbai suffering severely, irrespective of the distance and time you can treat them by distant healing. Even if the person is in another country you can heal them.

In Pranic healing, business solutions are also possible were you can develop any quality. You develop dynamism with the help of energy science because your mental faculties are developed. You attract right people in business and take better decisions.

Nagpur Today: Is pranic healing an alternative for Medical Science?

Vijay Sir: NO!! We work alongside with them. It is complementary to medical science or conventional medicines. It’s not an option or an alternative. Many medical institutions have come forward to adopt pranic healing like Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad and Bangalore. They have a separate Pranic healing department; every cancer patient there before and after chemotherapy goes through a pranic healing session. It’s been observed there is a 70% reduction in side effects of chemotherapy. Likewise, Somaiya Institute of Nursing and Medical Sciences have a compulsory course of pranic healing for their students. Many medical institutions are coming forward for such alternative and complementary therapies to help their patients.

Nagpur Today: Can you explain a client case study?

Vijay Sir: We had a family, both the parents were doctors. Their elder son died in front of the younger son. The younger son was in huge trauma but he was a brilliant student. He stopped everything; he would sit in a dark room and not talk to anyone. Both parents extended their full support by meeting reputed psychiatrist and many other places for three months but futile. Their son’s math’s teacher referred them to me. Now, being a Doctor they were quite skeptical and were worried if it would really work. All I said was try few sessions and then make your choice. After 4-5 sessions the child started talking to his cousins and after 8 sessions he was totally fine. Then what happened was the whole family learned pranic healing and they are now conducting free healing camps for people in their area. 

One can also heal a child in the womb, one of the patients had excessive protein problem, where she was pregnant and putting on excess weight with no fetus movement. The doctors had told her to abort the child within 7 days. We did pranic healing, after four sessions the patient said there was no weight gain and there was movement of the baby. Later the woman delivered a normal baby.

Nagpur Today: Can pranic healing be a way to spirituality?

Vijay Sir: It can be a way to spirituality. Now religion is not spirituality yes but religion is also a way to learn spirituality. Spirituality is the basic science behind every religion. Every religion is symbolic; one needs to learn energy science to understand the deeper meanings of religion. Like there are many castes in every religion and they worship different deities, so the question is who is a true follower of the religion, who is right/wrong? By learning pranic healing you understand the reasons behind these things.  Commonly, we find many people saying I have seen god, I talk to god etc but if that person is not practical enough and do not practice the right virtues, character building etc, he is not growing spiritually. Pranic healing leads to your spiritual development, when you develop spiritually you develop practically, they go hand in hand. Every person is spiritual and is developing spiritually, but are not actually aware of it. When a person has everything such as abundance, relationship, identity etc but still has a feeling of emptiness, that emptiness is spiritual emptiness. It means there is an inner quest for spirituality.


Now, when you talk about Soul (Atma) there are many concepts in each and every religion. Some say there is reincarnation and some say reincarnation does not exist. Those who don’t believe, ask where is soul? Those who believe can’t explain soul?  In Pranic Healing, there is very precise and technical knowledge about Soul (Atma). How soul comes into the body, how it leaves the body; why does every religion celebrate the 7th month of a pregnant lady? There is a reason behind it. The rituals are made on the basis of spirituality. Any person in search of such information or is not convinced with what his/her religion or not satisfied with what he has learned in books about religion, he will definitely find answers. Because a skeptical person like me turned out to be a Pranic Healing Instructor so you can just imagine how technical this knowledge is.


Nagpur Today: Do we need to change our religious beliefs?


Vijay Sir: NO!! In pranic science you will find people from every religion. You don’t have to change your religion. In Pranic science you will be able to understand your religion much better. If you are a Jain you become a better Jain; if you are Hindu, you become a better Hindu; if you are a Muslim, you become a better Muslim.


Nagpur Today: What are the remarkable applications of Pranic healing?

Vijay Sir: Like I said earlier, it can be applied for physical, mental, emotional health; better financial conditions, in business, for students, for parents etc. It is now being applied in agriculture, where without using pesticides and insecticides how can one use energy science in agriculture to protect plants and can get maximum yield. We have solution for psychological illnesses, Healing Traumas, Obsessions; Smoking, Alcohol, Drug addictions; Healing mentally retarded; Emotional healing for anger, hatred, anxiety, grief etc.

Everyone who wants to become successful can use these spiritual laws to become successful, to manifest whatever they want. Like if you want to buy a place in the city, calculating your earnings it might be possible to get that place after 10 years of time but by practicing and applying laws of energy science you can manifest the place within 5 years. One of the biggest applications of pranic healing is self-development.

Nagpur Today: Who all can learn Pranic Healing?

Vijay Sir: Anybody and everybody above the age of 16 yrs can learn Pranic Healing. It’s for everyone. We have doctors who do pranic healing alongside their medication they have found substantial difference in patient’s health. People who want to develop themselves i.e. personality development, stress-relief, confidence building or want to protect their families from any kind of diseases can learn pranic healing.

Nagpur Today: What activities does Pranic Healing Nagpur conduct regularly?

Vijay Sir: Every 15th of the month we feed people who are in need. This is done by our “Food for Hungry” team run by pranic healers. Whatever fee is collected is being used for humanity and donation to the needy. We conduct free healing camps in different locations; we do charitable works, and many such activities. We run free meditation at BRA Mundle Hall, Near Diksha Bhoomi on every Sunday between 12:00 – 13:00 hours and anybody can attend. Those who wish to organize free healing camp in their area and want to know more about how pranic healing works can approach us.

Nagpur Today: From where can one get more information about Pranic Healing?

Vijay Sir: We have never put banners or any advertisement anywhere. What we believe is in word of mouth and true spiritual marketing. If a person heals or his/her life changes that person will definitely tell their near and dear ones to do pranic healing. By doing the course, things don’t change or miracles don’t happen but by applying the techniques they will happen. We do not do false marketing telling, by doing this course your life will change 360 degree, No!!!

People interested in doing Pranic Healing can search on Google and they will find millions of websites. It is in more than in 200 countries. There are around 25 books published in every language and are also available in India.

Nagpur Today: What courses are conducted in Nagpur?

Vijay Sir: Basic Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul are conducted regularly. These courses are designed in such a way that even working class people and business people can attend them.  Each course runs for 2-days on a weekend, the age criteria being above 16 yrs of age.  There are many levels beyond these courses. It’s like going up the ladder of spirituality with every course.

Nagpur Today: Amazing information, my last question would be not many people chose alternative therapy such as pranic healing, what would be your message to them?

Vijay Sir: People should take initiative. People attending my workshop often hear me saying don’t believe us blindly. As Master Choa Kok Sui says be an intelligent person. An intelligent person analyzes, understands, and experiments. Based on all these things they can then make their conclusion whether pranic healing works or not.