Published On : Mon, Jun 15th, 2015

Prakash Javdekar makes a statement on the Modi-Modi photo – is the BJP in panic mode?

Everything about this ‘expose’ is peculiar and raises suspicions on many counts about what is happening within the BJP and the Government in Delhi.

First, it comes to light that the External Affairs Minister of the country, who has hardly been seen or heard of in one year of Modi Government, suddenly comes into limelight but for all the wrong reasons. She is supposed to have helped a fugitive from Indian law, Lalit Modi of IPL get travel permission from the British Government – he is supposed to be ‘holed up’ in US – to leave UK for a period of two years. The reason was, his wife’s surgery in Portugal.

Further facts come to light making it seem like a blatant conflict of interest. Her daughter Bansuri is one of Lalit Modi’s lawyers and Sushma’s husband is a ‘close friend’ – some call him Lalit’s agent also.

Though it has been the Modi government’s stand that Lalit Modi is an absconder and wanted in India for many transgressions of law, including stashing of black money abroad, his own senior Minister quietly helps him without making any demands of UK that he be sent back to India and not allowed to re enter UK after leaving it for Portugal.
But what is another interesting point is that she did it so quietly, without any paper work or leaving a trail, how did this get exposed and why of all channels to Times Now?

Was it a way of getting rid of a Minister who was not very favoured by the ‘High Command’ to begin with?

When everything is going as expected and the crescendo for her resignation is rising, the Congress and Rahul Gandhi in particualr queer the pitch for BJP by bringing PM Modi into it too. They furnish a picture of Lalit Modi with Narendra Modi and Amit Shah at a stadium in Ahmedabad.

This causes chaos in Delhi – Prakash Javdekar is quickly roped in to refute any aspersions that the photograph might caste at Narendra Modi.

He calls the Congress bereft of any issues or causes or agenda except to slur the image of Narendra Modi.

“What is this photograph they are showing? It is old, there were no allegations against Lalit Modi then…. we can also show many photos of Lalit with many Congress leaders, namely Aditya Scindia and Shukla. What does this prove? They show one album , we can show another…”

More than what he was saying was the fact that Javdekar seemed very ill prepared for issuing the press statement and was continually referring to some papers or points that seemed to have been jotted down for him.
All his defense was in favour of Modi and hardly any supporting Sushma Swaraj.

Now we see a spectacle of Times Now who has been taking all the credit for exposing this ‘scam’ trying very hard to get the focus back on Sushma and tageting Patra , as BJP spokesperson,who obligingly is keeping the issue muddied with Doctor’s letters from Portugal and giving other examples but not letting the Congress Spokesperson get in a sentence where he would get a chance of targeting Modi again.

It will be interesting to see who ultimately is going to be the Fall guy….