Published On : Mon, Jun 24th, 2019

Pradeep Mulani city tattoo artist makes 448 tattoos in 22 Hours, Breaks world record

Nagpur Tattoo artist named Pradeep Mulani has broken the world record by engraving 448 tattoos in 22 hours. Now, he is trying to get his name in the Guinness World Record and has also started shooting for the same. As per Pradeep, this is the first time ever that any artist has done 448 tattoos continuously in a short span of time. He has started making tattoos on a man named Sagar Gandharva since Sunday morning at 9 am and ended it on Monday evening at 7 pm. He has also beaten the record of Kate Von who has made 400 tattoos within 24 hours.

Interestingly, he has made 223 tattoos on just one man out of 448 tattoos and the remaining tattoos have been made on other 20 people which means in total Pradeep have made a tattoo on 21 people in 22 hours. Pradeep also said that the world record will surprise people and he wants people to know about it.

Pradeep is working in Nagpur as a tattoo artist from last three years. Pradeep said that the doctors were keeping track of his health every four hours by checking his blood pressure and sugar. Dietician gave a diet chart to him that he followed to make a world record. He was only allowed to be on liquid diets during that time.