Published On : Fri, Nov 25th, 2016

Police propose cancelling permits of Lahoree and Cloud 7 bars


Nagpur Today has learnt through its confidential source that the Nagpur Police Commissioner has sent a proposal for cancelling licenses of the two ‘notorious’ bars situated in Dharampeth – Lahoree and Cloud Seven to the Collector.

Both the bars are continually in the eye of controversy for some violent happening or the other. By a strange co incidence, owners of both, Samir Sharma of Lahoree and ‘Sunny’ Bambrotwar of Cloud Seven are in police custody right now over the recent gun firing and drunken brawl incidents in their respective bars.

In the recent happening at Cloud Seven, the two sons of MLA Krishna Khopde allegedly got into a brawl with Sunny, hit him with a bottle and then were chased by the bar bouncers. In the altercation that followed, a friend of the Khopde sons’ was murdered. Police have some ‘accused’ in custody – one son of the MLA is injured and the other is allegedly still absconding.

Lahoree has been warned time and again by Nagpur police about shutting the bar at the stipulated time of 11 p.m. But it is routinely kept open and alcohol served to its patrons – that includes both men and women – till 3 or even 4 a.m. The bar often sees instances of scuffles and drunken anti social behavior due to this reason. This is what we learnt from sources.

Tired of warning the management of the two places repeatedly, police have mooted the proposal to cancel their licenses and close them down, at least for some time.

This proposal has been sent by the Police Commissioner’s office to the Collector. Further action is awaited.