Published On : Fri, Feb 14th, 2014

Police manhandle BJYM women activists at RTMNU


BJYM leader  Nidhi Kamdar

BJYM leader Nidhi Kamdar

Nagpur News : A delegation of about 30 to 40 Engineering students under the leadership of Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) on February 14, 2014, had gathered at Dikshant Sabhagriha Hall to meet the Vice Chancellor of RTMNU Dr. Vilas Sapkal. They were sitting peacefully waiting to speak to the Vice Chancellor about their woes and problems so that their long pending grievances can be redressed.

A meeting of the Academic Council was scheduled to take place in the Dikshant Sabhagriha Hall. However since the members decided to boycott the meeting, the scheduled meeting got adjourned. The students led by BJYM leader Jeetendra Thakur and Nidhi Kamdar were sitting in the Dikshant Sabhagriha Hall to meet the Vice Chancellor and speak to him about the long pending problems faced by them in relations to the examination results, revaluation, convocation, research scholars and other allied problems.

However, at 02:00 pm the Pro-Vice-Chancellor passed the students and after that what happened could only be described as police excess.

1891001_10151854027917257_636548383_nAt 2.30 pm in a dramatic manner the police arrived there and started misbehaving with the students and started treating them as if they were speaking to criminals and terrorists.

They ordered the students sitting peacefully near the Dikshant Sabhagriha Hall to vacate the premises. The students tried to speak to the police officials about why they are sitting there and all that they want to do is to speak to the Vice Chancellor and appraise him of all the problems faced by them. However the police officials from Sitabuldi police station (who were probably directed by the VC) were not in a mood to listen to the woes of the students and started dragging and manhandling the innocent students.

1779137_10151854027982257_2002629653_nThe Vice President of BJYM Nidhi Kamdar and National Executive Member of the BJYM Shivani Dani who were sitting with the students to help them to get their grievances redressed, was pulled up by Women Police Constables in such a violent manner that the dress she was wearing was riding up and her body torso was visible to other policemen and male students. She has been requesting the cops to leave her alone and that she was ready to come, but they were treating her violently and were dragging her as if she was a criminal or a mental patient.

This police excess could not be pardoned and in no way justified say some students who were present on the occasion.

Vice President of BJYM Nidhi Kamdar said that we are not criminals and we should not be treated like one. She said that the public authorities should not misbehave with common man like this. The police officials are here to protect us and not to misbehave with us like this. She added that we were at the premises to help the students to get redressal of their grievances. We wanted to help the students to communicate their problems to the RTMNU authorities and get an amicable solution for them. This action by the police authorities has forced us to seek legal action against the cops.


:: Charles Salve