Published On : Tue, Aug 11th, 2015

Police complaint filed against Star bus operator

Jammu Anand

In the capacity of a citizen and president of Nagpur Municipal Corporation Employees Union, Anand Narayanarao Jammu, aged 52 years, resident of 15 Omkar Apartment, Khare Town, Dharampeth, Nagpur-10 has filed a criminal complaint against Ajay Dhavagade, director, M/s Vansh Nimay Infra Project Limited, Nagpur levelling charges of cheating, misappropriation and misuse of public money earned through Star bus service in the city since February 9, 2007, and up to year 2014.

According to the police complaint lodged by Jammu with Sadar Police Station, Nagpur on August 10, 2015, the NMC and Vansh Nimay Infra had entered into a contract on Feb 9, 2007 for running star bus service in the city for citizens with 470 buses. While NMC owns 240 buses, the Vansh Nimay owns 230 buses. The NMC is liable to pay bus-passengers tax, child malnutrition surcharge and motor vehicle tax (all earned through city bus service) to the RTO, Nagpur. But, the bus service operator (Vansh Nimay Infra) has not deposited the total outstanding amount of tax and surcharge with the NMC, and in turn the NMC has failed to deposit the outstanding amount due with the RTO.

He has further pointed out in the complaint that the AG Maharashtra II (Audit) has clarified that the overdue amount against Vansh Nimay from the year 2006 to 2014 is about Rs 8,20,58,617 that happens to be outstanding over past 8 years. As Vansh Nimay Infra has not paid to the NMC, the NMC in turn has not deposited it with the RTO.

The complainant finds that it is the sole responsibility of Vansh Nimay Infra to pay the outstanding dues. But as it has been escaping its liability despite several letters and reminders from NMC, it reflects its criminal intention to disown the liability of payment, and thus cause severe inconvenience to citizens. He has therefore lodged a police complaint with Sadar Police Station and urged the police to take suitable action against the erring party.

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