Published On : Tue, Mar 19th, 2013
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Police Commissioner Pathak Clueless about BSNL shuts down outgoing facility of Police Deptt

Nagpur News:

Police Head Quarters, which has records of all the information about every Police Station in city and the crime, made headlines on Monday for its irresponsible attitude. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) which provides internet and phone line connection to all the police stations and Police Head Quarters took a tough action and blocked all the outgoing phone call of all the 24 police stations and police head quarters.

BSNL’s this decision as a result of the irresponsible behavior of HQ staffer in non-payments of phone and internet bills for past several months. BSNL usually does not stop outgoing facility of Government establishments especially revenue and police keeping in view the security implications in public interests. But, HQ staffers did not bother to pay the bills for months and thus, BSNL had to take this stern action against police department in city.

All crucial phone numbers of Control room and all 24 police stations are facing this brunt of BSNL. Even the press notes released through police department keeping record of all the crime in city were not released due to non-functioning of internet. The outgoing and internet facilities will be restored as soon as the HQ staffer would pay the bills. But, even after hours of non-functioning of outgoing, HQ staffers did not pay the bills.

Due to this shut down, police officers were compelled to use their personal cell phones to form communication with each other or with Police HQ which has angered the policemen. Also, the daily crime report which is send to Mumbai Home Ministry every day was dispatched due to this shut down.

CP clueless about this dysfunctioning

Where every police station and even the head quarter was aware of this dysfunctiong of outgoing and internet connection, the Police Commissioner of Nagpur Dr K K Pathak was clueless about the same. When Nagpur Today scribe contacted Dr Pathak, he said, “There is no record of non-functioning of outgoing calls and internet connection in my knowledge. But, I will look after the matter and restore the functioning of both outgoing calls and internet connection as soon as possible.”

Though CP has assured to restore proper functioning of outgoing calls and internet connection as soon as possible but, he being clueless about this dysfunctioning in the department is shocking and posses a question on working style of Nagpur Police.


Ravikant Kamble