Published On : Sat, Jun 13th, 2015

Placement of Yadav (Fadnavis loyalist) on Construction Board, a jolt to Gadkari faction


Nagpur: While some BJP-leaders of the district kept on lobbying for their placement on some Mandal (Boards) or Mahamandal (Corporations), Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis happened to place one of his staunch supporters, Omprakash alias Munna Yadav, on a board as its chairman with the status of a Minister of State. This placement has caused a jolt to the supporters of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari faction.

It is known to all that Omprakash alias Munna Yadav has been a staunch supporter and he has acted as a body guard to Fadnavis for most of the time. The appointment of Munna Yadav as the chairman of Maharashtra Government’s Buildings and Other Constructions Welfare Board may prove instrumental for the outburst of the dissension within the party factions.

It is worth noticing that many BJP-leaders and MLAs of Nagpur district have remained out for power over a long period of time, and now they are keen to have themselves placed on some boards or corporations by favour of the Chief Minister who is from Nagpur itself.

The senior BJP leaders who have been elected twice, like, Sudhakar Deshmukh, Vikas Kumbhare, Krishna Khopde, Sudhir Padave and others, and more with their allegiance to Gadkari faction, are extremely hopeful that they will be given chance of their placement on some boards or corporations. But, as they are being sidelined, their anxiety is growing day-by-day. The placement of Munna Yadav on a board has annoyed the MLAs of Gadkari faction.

It may be recalled that BJP City president Krishna Khopde was one time supposed to be a ministerial candidate, and he had even declared that he would resign and vacate his seat/ segment for Nitin Gadkari if the latter was made Chief Minister. Ignoring such a loyalist for reward is being viewed seriously. However, there is a talk within party-circles that his dissension might soon be warded off by placing him on certain board or corporation.

According to sources, there were efforts made to appoint Munna Yadav as a trustee on Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) but that post is with NMC corporator Chhotu Bhoyar, who is a relative of senior BJP leader Dr Vilas Dangre. So all efforts could not bear fruit. However, Munna Yadav was made deputy leader in the NMC but he was not satisfied with that post. Now, he is content with the post of Chairman of Buildings and Other Constructions Welfare Board. Other members of the board include Nagpur-based renowned builder Prabhakar Mundle as representative of builders, Megha Dhaval (Pune), Satish Magar, Ashok Bhutad (Nagpur) as workers’ representative, Sripad Kasatkar (Mumbai) and Vinay Deorukhkar (Mumbai).

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )