Published On : Thu, Aug 6th, 2015

Petrol to drop by Rs 3.56 a litre in Nagpur

Nagpur: Recently we had published a story on how the benefit of abolishing LBT was not passed on the end users, making them to pay extra for the petrol and diesel. But now it seems the state government has taken the cognizance of the fact.

As State government has cancelled LBT on business establishments having business turnover of less than Rs 50 crore from August 1, petrol in the city can be cheaper by around Rs 3.56 per litre as no petrol pump exceeds the said business limit. This is likely to benefit near about 12 lakh vehicle owners of the city.

In Nagpur, LBT is charged at the rate of 3.5 per cent on diesel and petrol. Though the LBT is recovered by oil companies from petrol pump owners and paid to the government, in the final countdown, the end consumers are forced to pay the LBT from their pocket.

Hence, citizens are making a forceful demand to initiate the process of cancellation of LBT registration by petrol pump owners. According to a businessman Bhau Patki, common man today is reeling under the burden of various taxes. Hence NMC must scrap LBT on petrol and diesel and provide the much needed relief to the consumers, he added.

Sanjay Lokhande, a service goer said unwarranted taxes are levied on customers by NMC. LBT on petrol and diesel is one of them. Hence NMC must withdraw LBT on these fuels and give respite to the consumers from inflation.

Another office goer, Bablu Mohale said traders were demanding withdrawal of LBT for two years. Now, citizens must push forward the demand for LBT waiver on petrol and diesel – which would benefit Nagpurians.