Petrol pilferage detected in tank supplying fuel to BP pump at Borkhedi

Nagpur: The surprise inspection of the Dealers Association of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) has revealed around 45-48 liters petrol short in the firm’s 12,000-liter tanker which was transporting the fuel at Bharat Petroleum, Borkhedi on Thursday.

According to sources, the irregularity was frequently repeated in the past when the Dealers Association of BPCL got the problem reported at its disposal. Following this the association planned to conduct a surprise inspection of the tankers transporting the fuel. As a result the team of Dealers Association of BPCL approached the firm’s petrol pump at Borkhedi and found out around 45-48 litres of short in the tanker.

Following the inspection the Association has sought cleanliness of calibration tower. Further inspection will be conducted on August 29.