Published On : Thu, Jun 19th, 2014

Pestro’s Shack : Food innovation at its best


Nagpur craves for global fast food giants like mcDonalds, KFC, Burger King, etc. Though I personally do not agree with it, but people feel it is a sign of development of the city when such brands open outlets. Whatever is the reason, but the delay by such brands has given opportunity to local entrepreneurs to come up with their own fast food brands and chains. Leading this phenomenon is “Pestro’s Shack”.

Location : 


Pestro’s Shack is situated at the current hotspot of Nagpur i.e. Futala. It is the one with full glass frontage through which you can see red/pink coloured images on its inside walls. As the location is frequently visited by Nagpurians, it can be said easily accessible. Parking is available easily except weekends.

Interior and Ambience :

Interior-n-Ambience2Pestro’s Shack has done its interior with its customer base in mind which is mostly youngsters.The choice to go with vibrant red colour combined with off-white works for it. It uses huge images which are of happy faces (mostly of foreigners) and inviting Burgers, Pizza and hot dogs. This helps in projecting an upmarket, international, young and happy image. You may feel like it is a franchisee of some international brand. That means they succeeded in the desired projection of image.


While seating inside, you get to see the view of futala from the full glass frontage, which instantly changes the mood to “pleasant”.

Menu :

Photo 2-Chicken Red Hot Burger
Pestro’s Shack is simple in its basic format. They have Burgers, Pizzas, Hotdogs, Steaks, Wraps, Sandwiches and Salads, each in 3 categories i.e. Veg, Paneer and Chicken. Burgers are further divided into 6 types (Red Hot Burgers, Dobules Burgers, Supreme Burgers, Challenger Burgers, Single Layer Burgers and Fiery Burgers). So that makes it a huge menu to choose from with options for everyone who loves fast food.

Photo 3-Spicy Veg and Chicken Sheekh Tortila Wraps


The owner Rajiv Jindal, who is a CA by profession, offered a very wide variety from his vast menu to taste. It includes the lowest priced offerings to top of the line dishes too.

The tasting session started with “Garlic breads with Cheese” and “Barbecue hot pasta”. Both these dishes complements with each other and can be had separately too. The pasta is authentic and tasty and breads are rightly crispy. Cheese in the pasta does not have the chalky taste which I always have a problem with at other places. It’s smooth and… well… cheesy.

Photo1-Garlic Bread with Cheese and Barbecue Pasta

Next on the table was 3 types of burgers i.e. Veg Single Layer Burger, Chicken Salami Burger and Chicken Red Hot Burger. Each burger has different sauce or seasoning or size. Each of the burger has different tastes and you would want to try all of their burgers one by one and choose the best one you like. Owner never fails to repeat that all his sauces and seasonings are his own creations and recipes and that the ingredients are specially imported from various places. In fact, not only the breads are made to order, but the mustard sauce too is custom made. All this creates a custom taste which cannot be found in any big brands mentioned earlier which run on the assembly line concept.

Photo 2-Chicken Salami Burger

Then I was offered with Spicy Veg and Chicken Sheekh Tortila Wraps. We have a lot of places which offers rolls. However, Pestro’s rolls are actually Tortila Wraps. With crunchy fresh lettuce and the custom seasoning/sauces and veg/non-veg fillings inside and crunchy wraps, it opens up the tastes buds and makes them crave for more. The Sheekh in the Chicken Sheekh Tortila Wrap is real Sheekh kebab and not a chicken sausage. That accentuates the experience further.

Photo 3-Spicy Veg and Chicken Sheekh Tortila Wraps

My next trial was on Pestro’s Shack Pizza. I tasted “Veg Pizza Small” and “Chicken Pizza Small”. These are all fresh pan pizzas and the dough is custom made by Pestro’s Shack. These tastes good but I must say I personally will like to stick with Burgers, HotDogs and Steaks when at Pestro’s Shack.

Veg Pizza Small and Chicken Pizza Small

Even when I was having a small portion of each dish, I was getting full and satiated but the dishes did not start coming to our table. Soon I had “Chicken Fills” , “Veg Sinful Sandwich” , both of which are creations by the owner. While the “Fills” offer a crunchy and saucy experience, “Sinful” offers crispy soft and saucy experience. I will recommend you to try these both in one of your visits (as you may like to take multiple visits to try everything in the menu)

Photo 4-Veg Sinful Sandwitch

Pestro’s Shack recently introduced “Steaks” on its menu which is rare in Nagpur barring Star Hotels. Steaks are grilled meat preparations though Pestro’s Shack offers its veg alternative in Paneer along with the main Chicken Steaks. This one is unique and must have dish at Pestro’s Shack if you love grilled, succulent Chicken. It is a complete meal served with mashed potatoes, fresh fries and 3 different sauces.

Pestros chicken steak

Apart from these custom creations, there are our good old sandwiches too. I got to taste Garlic Cheese Sandwich which is simple and basic sandwich with great taste. I can say the bread is one of the best in town. Again because they get it done made to order. Along with that, I tried “Chicken Hot Dog with Steamed Onions”. I must point out that whatever Pestro’s Shack does with their salami, sausages and patties is incredible. It makes them taste like nowhere else. I bet that you cannot forget the aroma and taste of the sausage in the Hot Dog once you eat it. I am not a fan of Hot Dog but I happen to order is often when I am at Pestro’s Shack.


On the beverage side, I tried Creamy Thick Shakes in Butterscotch and Kiwi flavours. I loved the Kiwi one while other was nice too. These are made fully using ice cream. Pestro’s Shack also offers Yogurt Shakes for the Yogurt lovers.

Photo 5-Garlic Cheese Sandwitch and Chicken Hot Dog with Steamed Onions

I finished my “Hardwork” of tasting so many dishes on the last but not the least offering, “Chocolate Sandwich”. I had Chocolate Sandwich at many other places, but I can tell this one is best. The chocolate is melted so deeply inside the awesome bread which I already appreciated above that it tastes like chocolate pastry. I would also recommend “Chocolate Shots” as a must have desert.

Service :

Pestro’s Shack is basically a self service restaurant where you have to order and pick your order from the counter. However, most of the time you are served on the table. Serving time can vary based on the crowd. The staff is helpful and quick. Many times, you will find the owner seating besides yourself making you feel more comfortable. So even after being a self service outlet, they go out of their way to make sure you are given the best service.

Ticket Size:

Pestro’s Shack has something for everyone’s budget. You can have quick stomach fill at 60-80 Rs or can have multiple dishes not crossing more than 400 Rs per head. On an average, it is around 150-200 Rs per head which is perfect for anyone looking for tasty fast food which offers authentic international flavours.

Also I do not think you can get full meal like Chicken Steak in below 200 Rs anywhere in Nagpur. So I would say Pestro’s Shack is perfectly priced.


Verdict: While aiming to be authentic international in their approach, Pestro’s Shack has taken care of the “Nagpuri” tastebuds. It offers many products which are unique to this outlet only.


Rating :


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Rajiv Jindal

Pestro’s Shack is the brain child of Rajiv Jindal. Rajiv Jindal is a Ca from Kolkatta who has worked with the L. N. Mittal group for many years managing the take over of steel plants across the globe. He was always had a passion for cooking and dreamed of starting a fast food chain since is college days.

Pestro’s Shack is a unit of Diva Fastfoods Ltd a company founded by Rajiv jindal along with like minded people of Nagpur. Pestro’s Shack serves authentic Pizzas. Burgers. Tortilla wraps. Hotdogs. Sandwiches along with salads. Thick shakes and garlic breads.

Something special about Pestro’s Shack. All the sauces and seasonings are made inhouse by Rajiv Jindal.

Rajiv Jindal is a big foodie who loves to innovate and create new dishes.


:: By Prashen H Kyawal