Published On : Thu, Jun 19th, 2014

Talk on “spiritual tips to overcome business challenges” held at VIA

DSC_8710Nagpur News :

Lady Entrepreneurs’ Wing of VIA organised an motivational talk on “Spiritual tips to overcome Business challenges” by Dr. Prabodh, Psychotherapist & Motivational speaker at VIA Hall, Nagpur.

The speaker said Spirituality is a part of life. Problems, large and small, present themselves to us throughout our whole existence. Regardless of how sharp, clever, or happy-go-lucky we are, we will encounter struggle, challenges, difficulties and at times, heart wrenching moments. In fact, thank goodness for Spirituality! Every challenge and every difficulty we successfully confront in life serves to strengthen our will, confidence and ability to conquer future obstacles. “Spirituality has the effect of drawing out strength and qualities of a person that would have lain dormant in its absence.” When you respond positively and constructively to your biggest challenges, the qualities of strength, courage, character and perseverance emerge from deep inside of you.

Dr. Prabodh said, Stress is…..any External or Internal Event That Has Harmful Influence on Mind & Body. It affects body, thinking, deciding, discriminating acting, feeling, emotion & intuition. He gave tips on how to manage stress i.e. ability to change the quality of your own thinking. he said, although we can’t control everything that happens in life, we can control our attitudes and responses. To Practice Positive thinking, there are always a few direct or indirect advantages in every event of everyone’s’ life that make it a habit of pondering over those advantages however small they may be. The Speaker pointed out few golden principles related to stress management like: Never compare yourself with others, Make most of the Present, Positive self-talk: I’ll handle it One thing at a time, Take Charge – for the way you want life to shape-up, Remember ‘time is a great healer. Consider your critics to be your well wishers, Love, Laugh and learn to Forgive, Spare some time to help others, Check your mental traffic from time to time, surrender all your worries to God & relax, practice meditation for 15 minutes daily.

Summing up his talk he said although we can’t control everything that happens in life, we can control our attitudes and responses. This talk was free and was attended by large number of Women entrepreneurs’, Members of Lew and students.

At the outset, floral welcome of speaker Dr. Prabodh, Psychotherapist & Motivational speaker was done by Anita Rao, Chairperson -VIA -LEW, Introduction and opening remarks was given by Fehmida Hussain, EC VIA LEW, Summing up and vote of thanks was given by Vandana Sharma, Secretary-LEW.