Published On : Fri, Jan 16th, 2015

Peshwar student’s photos ‘with and without friends’ emotionally move Nagpur boys

Talha-Munir-ParachaTalha-Munir-Paracha-1Survivor of Peshawar school massacre posts before-after picture

Some voids are never filled and keep infusing pain in the broken hearts missing their dear and near ones who have gone away, never to return again. A score of students in Peshwar’s Army Public School, where the Pakistan’s worst terrorist attack took place, may never get out of the agony they feel deep within, every time they think of their lost mates.

The wounds turned fresh again with the two pictures on the social media page of one of the students. One of these pictures, which was clicked before the deadly massacre, show four friends sharing light moments at school. Another picture shows two of these friends standing while two of them are missing from it. The other two have lost their lives in the attack. Back in school, teenager Talha Munir Paracha posted two images in an attempt to recreate what he had lost. The first image shows Paracha with three friends. Paracha and another student recreated the photo, but with a gaping hole — which signified that their two friends had been killed in the incident.

The picture has created quite a stir among the students in Nagpur too, who are moved by this soul-stirring still shot.

Anuj Kundawar, a junior college student says, “Never ever can I think in the wildest of my dreams that I will land in such a painful situation. My prayers for those survived friends. May god give them courage to bear the loss.”

Rajesh Diwakar, another school student reacts, “What else can I say except losing myself in utmostshock and despair. Just a look at these pictures give us a feeling how it pinches to lose dear friend. This is beyond my imagination that how can anyone be so inhuman that they can take innocent lives.”

Sachin Pendse said, “I can feel the pain of losing friends as I had lost one in the past. This is going to remain for the rest of their lives, as it is with me. Wish they get power to overcome their pain.”