Published On : Tue, Aug 8th, 2017

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Eco Friendly Ganesha
Nagpur Today.

ALL Ladies League Nagpur Chapter and Nagpur Circle of Moms organized a one day DIY Workshop on *Eco Friendly Ganesha Making* (Models made of Shadu Mati i.e. Natural Chemical Free Clay) on 5th August 2017 at the Cortex Center in Buildi, Nagpur.

Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival to celebrate good beginnings and prosperity. It is important for everyone to realize that going green and eco-friendly, will help us build a healthy future. Thus, this was a step towards promoting a healthy festive season by taking home your own handcrafted Bappa.

This workshop was conducted by Prof. Urmi Chakravorty Mittra, Soft Skills Trainer and Founder, Nagpur Circle of Moms. The event was coordinated by Riddhi Saboo, Chairperson ALL, Malvika Fulwani, Vice chairperson ALL, Menaka Bhargav and Shuchita Katkar, Nagpur circle of Moms.

There were 32 participants including househelps and kids at the workshop who all expressed their creativity by sculpting beautiful and different Ganesh idols. The workshop helped spread awareness about eco-friendly means of celebration and learn a wonderful craft as well. To help empower the underprivileged sections, all participants were urged to sponsor their house-help to attend and learn through this eco-friendly workshop, which they did. Thus, the participants upheld their civic duty by spreading awareness about responsibility towards our environment.
All in all…..A successful effort.

Ankita Bagdai


Dr Shreyasi


Urmi Chakravorty




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Riddhi Saboo


Shirin Chimthanawala

Shirin Chimthanawala


Pics by Vikrant Shimpi