Patient’s kin assaults doctor at Govt Hospital in Kamptee

Nagpur: Medical Officer at Government Sub-District Hospital Dr Rajesh Dwivedi was assaulted by relatives of a patient on Tuesday afternoon. The incident was strongly protested by staff of the hospital.

According to information, the Medical Officer Dr Dwivedi was on duty at Emergency Department. A 17-year old boy with injuries on his legs came to the hospital along with his parents. The parents demanded administration of an injection to the patient during treatment.

Dr Dwivedi told them that since the nurse has gone for lunch, injection to the patient will be administered later. Angry over the ‘excuse’, father of the patient indulged in wordy duel with Dr Dwivedi. The situation turned worse when the father of the patient assaulted the doctor and thrashed him severely. The timely intervention of other staff of the hospital brought the situation under control. On being informed about the incident, a team of Old Kamptee Police Station led by Senior PI Devidas Kathale, rushed to the hospital and started investigation.

In the meanwhile, the unidentified assaulter fled from the hospital along with the papers in which his name and patient’s name was registered. Cops scanned CCTV footage for identifying the accused.