Passing of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill to benefit 10,000 people in Nagpur

Nagpur: Following passing of much talked and debated Citizenship (Amendment) Bill by both Houses of Parliament, over 10,000 people in Nagpur and lakhs across the state and country will get benefit of the law. These are the people who migrated to India from Pakistan after 1951 but deprived of citizenship due to red-tape. As if now, 600 applications are pending in District Collectorate in this regard. Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha has taken initiative to facilitate citizenship to such people.

Most of the people awaiting citizenship reside in Jaripatka, Wardhaman Nagar, Khamla, and various parts of North Nagpur. Out of these people, 600 have submitted applications to District Collectorate for citizenship under the current rules and regulations. Since no ‘GR’ has been issued, the district administration has restrained itself from giving any reaction.

The Regional President of Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha Virendra Kukreja claimed that over 10,000 people in Nagpur and around 25 lakh people in State will get benefit due to passing of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. “Special camps at Nagpur, Mumbai, Thane, Ulhasnagar, Kalyan, Pune, Kolhapur and other places will be organised to extend help to these people. Large number of women and senior citizens are among the people who have no citizenship. But with the passing of Bill, these people hace got a major relief. All Panchayats of Sindhi Community have hailed the law,” Kukreja stated.

Complicated norms for citizenship:

To get the Indian citizenship was a herculean task due to complicated rules and regulations. A law in this regard was enacted in 1955. According to this law, people who had migrated from Pakistan and Bangladesh (then Pakistan) after 1951, had got citizenship. However, those people who migrated thereafter, faced enormous difficulties. But migration continued unabated.

Many people staying on ‘Long Term’ visas:

According to Kukreja, most of the 10,000 people, who are to benefit’ are staying in Nagpur on ‘Long Term’ visas. As per rules, it is mandatory for them to reside in India for seven years for getting citizenship. However, visa period of many people has expired but they have not returned to their original countries. Now, the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill will provide relief to such people, Kukreja asserted and added the Bill will alleviate the suffering of many who faced persecution for years.

The Bill seeks to recognise those who are living in India as refugees after leaving Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan following persecution.