Published On : Mon, Jun 8th, 2020

Parsi Papau- for yummy home made Parsi food!

Jia, just sixteen, and her sister Tunisha Bhamgara – Priyadarshini College of Architecture and Design student, didn’t relish the idea of sitting idle at home during the long and extended lockdown. Jia is a 10th standard student of St. Joseph’s Convent who had been busy preparing for the Boards till February. She had no time to think of anything else…and Covid fall out suddenly struck India also. Schools were closed down, all important exams postponed – including sister Tunisha’s – and kids were asked to not move out of the house!

Home bound strictly like that Jia turned to her love of baking and cooking as a past time. She has inherited the skills from her mother and grandmothers. Elder sister Tuhina also joined in and soon the sisters got an inspiration. Why not turn to catering of Parsee food and yummy puddings and cakes??


They floated the idea by their parents. Dad Adil Bhamgara who is an ardent Foodie himself loved the idea – little knowing that he was going to be an unpaid full time assistant to his Chef Daughters!

Chef sisters Jia and Tunisha

He had to be their Procurement and Purchase Agent in their ‘ little venture’.

But as soon as it was launched ” Parsee Papau” ( as their Catering service is called) didn’t remain small at all! In a month they were flooded with more orders than they could handle! But they managed to satisfy all customers. ” All the lovely food getting cooked is parceled out : some on orders and rest as complimentary offerings to doting neighbours. We ourselves have to do with Anda fry for dinner often times” said proud Papa Adil.

Lagan nu custard

Looks like mom Dinaz and grandmoms Khurshed Bhamgara and Mani Bhagat had taught them well!

Kheema cutlets

Just look at the pics and drool! And yes Menu and other details for ordering attached too. Enjoy))



And yes, as Tunisha shared with me, the sisters had decided at the outset that a major portion of their earnings would go to charity, for feeding the needy in these difficult times…” the rest would be our pocket money!”

“We Owe The success of our venture of Our Parents Dinaz and Adil Bhamgara”

Sunita Mudaliar
Executive Editor