Published On : Wed, Nov 6th, 2013

Parking “loot” in premises of Govt Offices?


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Nagpur News.

The Divisional Commissioner’s Office and its premises, having dozens of important Government offices, is the hotspot of State Administration. And, now-a-days, has turned a sort of battlefield. Battlefield over “illegal” recovery of parking charges from all vehicles by the unauthorized persons, sources said.
Hundreds and hundreds of citizens visit the Government offices daily located in the sprawling Divisional Commissioner’s Office premises. Sources said, till now the recovery of parking charges was legal as the slots were auctioned and only authorized persons were recovering parking charges. However, since past a month or so, no auction was held, and as a result, illegal parking slots have come up and some persons of “dubious characters” have been resorting to recovery of parking charges with very nasty behaviour, lamented some citizens who had gone to the premises for their personal works. Sources said, the citizens were angry over the apathetic attitude of the authorities towards “looting” in the name of parking charges. And that too by the “criminally minded” persons who even don’t spare the Government officials and employees in their “drive” to recover parking charges at any cost, sources said.